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Lucaluca- romanian

Sex - Male

Age - 1-2 years

Breed - Romanian Cross

Size - Medium

History - Luca has come over from Romania where there are thousands of stray dogs living on the streets. He is one of the lucky few who got brought to England for the chance at a better life. Romanian dogs are often treated badly and so they learn early in life to be cautious of humans in their fight for survival.

Personality - Luca is slowly starting to come out of his shell. Once you win his affection he likes having his ears rubbed and is starting to play with toys. He's very wary of people and takes time to warm up. It's such a rewarding moment when he comes out to greet you and asks for a love.

A little message from Luca -

"I'm still very scared and frightened that something bad might happen to me, life was hard in Romania. I want a quiet home with a nice human I can learn to trust"

Specific Requirements - No dogs, may be able to live with cats, adult only home (16yrs+)

Adoption Fee - £200

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Direct Debit

We are now able to accept donations via Direct Debit. This will be a great help to the financial security of the rescue, as it will mean that we have more regular donations coming in and do not have to rely so heavily on our collections and other donations.


Monthly Donations

If you can spare us a regular donation, even if it is just £1 a month, you will be helping us to continue our work, rescuing,and re-homing unwanted dogs.To set up a Direct Debit simply follow the link below. You will need to complete the form to start a Gocardless account (you can cancel at any time.) If you then let us know the amount that you wish to donate (the minimum is £1 per month) and if there is a specific date that you wish the debit to leave your account please let us know that too.

 £1 per Month Donation - https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0000C4QQVZVE

£2 per Month Donation - https://pay.gocardless.com/AL00007WC0CR2C

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If you would like to donate a different amount to those listed, or at a different frequency, please get in touch by dropping us an email: rescue@oakwooddogrescue.co.uk


One-Off Sponsorship Donations

 If you are supporting us by joining one of our sponsorship schemes you can also do a donation in full debit as an alternative to a monthly debit

1 Year Part Kennel Sponsorship £120 - https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/0ZPA01FRSF/paylink

1 Year Full kennel Sponsorship £480https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/0ZPA46PQDD/paylink

1 Year Dog Sponsorship £60 - https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/0ZPARR26X4/paylink


Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer we can claim an additional 25p for every £1 you donate to us. You can fill in your gift aid declairation


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