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    Sex: Female

    Age: 3 years (D.O.B: 27.10.15)

    Breed: Crossbreed

    Size: Small

    About me: Hello, I'm Ellie. I'm a sweet little lady that likes nothing more that a hug when I get to know you! I love to play with toys and run around in the halls and fields with my friends!

    History: I came over from Romania with my friend Lottie who has since been rehomed. We lived in dirty pens with not much food or water to keep us going. It can be hard for little dogs like me, especally at meal times! Since coming to Oakwood I have started to get a bit of much needed confidence!

    Specific requirements: I am not currently available for adoption, but I do need a foster home - I could possibly live with children aged 10+, male dog only and I could possibly live with a cat. 

    If you are interested in fostering me, please fill out an application form on the following link!


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