Fiona's Experience of Weekend/Holiday Foster

Fiona started out fostering Buttons over the Christmas Period, and loved having him so much she continues to take him for weekend respite until he finds his forever home. Here she tells her fostering experience...

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"I started to foster for Oakwood Dog Rescue in December 2012 after I contacted them regarding fostering for them over the Christmas period.  I was contacted by one of the staff at Oakwood to say they had one of three dogs in mind for me to foster which would suit my household. After a lengthy chat over the telephone, I arranged to visit Oakwood and view the dogs.

Buttons was brought into the play area and it was love at first sight.  Here was this bouncy, lively and very boisterous puppy. He ran around like a mad thing and jumped up me at every opportunity but I was smitten. I left Oakwood after agreeing to foster Buttons over the Christmas period. I texted all my friends to tell them about the lively, boisterous puppy that would be living with me over Christmas. 20th December 2012 came and Oakwood came to do a home check to make sure Buttons was coming into the right type of home environment and this is where Oakwood, Buttons and my story really begins.

Buttons became part of my household from that day. Oakwood provided me with all the necessary equipment for Buttons such as a lead, toys and dog crate as I did not have anything needed for taking care of a dog. Oakwood made sure I had everything I needed and provided me with telephone numbers to be able to contact them if needed 24/7. I was made to feel part of the Oakwood family from day one, which put me at ease straight away and I like the way Oakwood treat the dogs within their care; the staff and volunteers who care for the dogs do so with the upmost professionalism.

Buttons stayed with me until 2nd January 2013. We had two fabulous weeks together having great fun and it was hard when he went back to Oakwood. Buttons had come into my household as this lively, boisterous untrained puppy and left being so much calmer than when he arrived.

Oakwood then approached me to see whether I would consider fostering on a weekend for them, which I readily agreed to. I started to foster Buttons again on a weekend in mid January 2013 and what a difference I saw in Buttons from when he arrived at my house in December to now. He is still a lively puppy however he is so much calmer now when he comes to stay and settles down straight away.

Buttons is an intelligent dog who is eager to learn and please. He sits and shakes a paw when offered food or treats, he is housetrained and he is a dog that loves his cuddles. Recently he has been allowed off his lead when we go onto the field and will fetch sticks and balls if thrown for him and bring them back to you. If Buttons ventures further than you want him to go, all you have to do is shout biscuit and he comes back to you and sits waiting for his treat. Buttons will be easy to fully train due to his eagerness to learn and please you. Buttons still has a tendency to ‘puppy mouth’ when he gets excited however this is getting better and he is now doing it less than when he first came to me in December. He is ok to be left alone and if I’m out/in bed he goes in his crate, he has to be enticed into his crate with a chew or a handful of dried dog mix however he will go in and settles down straight away.

I believe Buttons has benefited from being fostered even if it is just for the weekend as he has settled into my home without any difficulties and it is getting him acclimatised to a home environment ready for him finding his ‘forever home’.

I would encourage anyone thinking of fostering whether full time or part time; like I do to go to Oakwood and have a chat to them; they will match a dog in need of respite care from the kennels with your needs, so there is no need to worry you will not end up with a dog that is unsuitable for your household. All I can say is give it a go, Buttons and Oakwood changed my life for the better and once we can find Buttons his ‘forever home’ then I will foster another dog from Oakwood as I believe in the excellent work they do and the care they provide for the dogs. Please consider fostering a dog from Oakwood Dog Rescue as it not only helps this excellent organisation re-home dogs with loving families but helps the dogs in their care acclimatise to being in a home and helps getting them re-homed that little bit easer as they can provide a full profile about the dogs behaviour to the potential new owner."

Fiona (and Buttons!)

Buttons (now Diesel) was rehomed in 2013