Foster Carer Stories

Sue, Paul and Willy's Story

Hi! We guess if you are reading this you are thinking of fostering for Oakwood Dog Rescue. Fostering is a great choice if you can provide a home, have spare love to give, a little time, patience and understanding for our less fortunate canine friends. We would love to tell you about our journey so far with Oakwood Dog rescue as Foster carers so here goes!   

We heard about Oakwood Dog Rescue from some friends of ours whose relative had adopted a dog. As bit of a Google research later and we discovered their website. Upon scrolling through, we saw a dog named “Willy” who needed a foster home, he was so cute in his picture, it said he only had one eye and in the past had a tough life and needed a Foster home while he was being treated with medication. Our hearts melted, this was the first time we had considered giving a foster home to a dog. We discussed taking on the role and agreed we could provide a temporary home and minutes later we had filled in the necessary forms on the website to check our suitability and submitted them. Upon receiving a call from Oakwood we took in the necessary identification required and an appointment was arranged for us to meet Willy.

When we arrived we met Gill and we were told about Willy’s condition and what treatment he needed. We also discussed any possible problems that may occur during the time he was to be with us. It was stressed that full commitment was needed to see the foster period through for the sake of Willy. We both agreed that we could full fill the role as his carers. With anticipation we waited to see him and we can still recall this somewhat nervous little dog coming into the room, having taken some treats with us and coaxing him, before long he was wagging his little tail albeit still a bit weary. A house check by Nicola followed a few days later which turned out to be fine, a few adjustments to the garden where required to make it safe for potential escapees.    

Getting to know Willy and building a certain amount of trust was gained by taking him out for a walk at the Centre and this then progressed to taking him home for the day and then returning him to the kennels on the night for the rest of the week. This home trail period is to help bonding for both the dog and the foster carers, we found this was a great idea as it was less stress for Willy and easier for us in the long term not having to deal with a stressed out dog in the house. However, during that initial period it was hard pulling Willy from the roaring fire on a night to take him back and hard for us watching him go back to the kennels from a cosy home environment. Once we were approved to foster Willy came to live with us and we attend weekly free one to one training to ensure the dog fostered is given the best chance of being placed in it’s forever home at the end of the foster period. Of course Willy just loves seeing everyone when he goes for his training at the centre he loves his fussing and love from the staff at Oakwood and anyone else who would love to give him a treat and a loving. Willy has settled into his Foster home well, is adjusting to home life and getting lots of love and affection and his favourite treats.

Willy is turning into a very contented little dog who is gradually gaining confidence. Everyday seeing progress with him is so rewarding to know that the time and patience spent with him is a step further to him having a happier life. We can’t fault Gill and her team at Oakwood for providing additional support while fostering Willy, they are on hand for any problems and run a very professional organisation. They simply care and that‘s a big find. We can’t recommend enough joining the Fostering team at Oakwood, the rewards come in abundance seeing a truly beautiful dog emerge with a little time, love and effort. Go on fill in the form and start the ball rolling, you won’t regret it!  

A Message From Willy:

Hi! I’m Willy. I was a very timid frightened dog when I was rescued and brought to Oakwood dog rescue. I really found humans scary, I only have one eye and sometimes can’t see them come up on me which makes me jump. I loved the kennels and felt safe there and the staff couldn’t resist throwing me a treat as they passed. I know I am not well and the vet says I need to take my medicine so I can be given a chance to get better. One day a couple came and took me out for a walk and then took me home for the day, but I had to leave a nice hot fire to go back to my kennel at the centre. They came back the next day and the day after that and now I have a nice warm place to sleep and lots of walks, treats, belly rubs and loving. My Foster Mum gives me my tablets and I get to have squeezy cheese with it so it’s great and it makes my tail wag. I even get to go back to see my friends at Oakwood and I am being taught to sit, lie down and give them my paw which gives me lots of nice treats and loving. Please consider fostering dog like me as I have lots of friends at the kennels that need looking after and they would love to share your comfy home until they're ready to be adopted!