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Age: 5 years

Breed: Lab X

About me: I came from the streets of Romania before I was captured and put in a shelter there. It’s not a nice place like Oakwood. We were lucky if we even got fed every day, there were definitely no toys or treats. I would probably have died there.

Why I need a Foster Home: I have a limp and so we went to the vets. The x-rays show my left leg is badly deformed and it needs to be removed. I need a home to recuperate in after my operation and to adjust to life as a 3 legged doggy before I can be adopted.

What I’m looking for: I need someone who can care for me after my surgery and get me back on my paws and ready to find my forever home. I need a foster home with no doggies, cats or children under 13years.

Happy Endings

 Happy Endings

We like to keep in contact with our adopted dogs and their new families to see how they are getting on and if they need any support. We love to receive regular updates and photos of the dogs enjoying their new lives. Here you can see how some of our rescues found their happy ever after! 



Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Rottweiler

Many of you will remember Molly from being our cheif collection dog last year whilst she was being fostered by our collections co-ordinator Karen. She was just 4 months old when she arrived at Oakwood and went on her first collection. She was over-looked many times by potential adopters due to her breed and her boisterous nature but finally found her perfect match.

This is what her new owner Rebecca has to say about her - "Molly has changed our life in many ways. We may have adopted her but she has brought so much happiness to us too. She is boisterous, mishcevious, (in a good way) effectionate, clever, obedient and loving! Everything we could ask for. Can't thank Karen and the team enough for introducing us to her."

molly rotty 2molly rottymolly rotty 3



Mucky has not been entirely lucky in finding his forever home. After being re-homed and returned once he found another lovely home, but sadly found himself back at Oakwood again as his owners were having to move aborad for work and couldn't take him with them. So it was decided he should go into a foster home as he wasn't coping well with the kennel environment. So our long term fosterers the Harmer family offered to take him home. After a few weeks he had settled into their home and their hearts. After having to bring him back to the kennels whilst they were on holiday, and finding he was still here when they got back the Harmers decided to adopt him.

This is what new mum Debbie says about him - "We first fostered Mucky at the beginning of 2014, we had no intentions of adopting a dog at that time, but after going on holiday and coming back to find Mucky was still in the kennels at Oakwood, we knew we couldn't part with him, or put him into kennels again. Mucky became part of the family very quickly, he loves being around people, especially the grandchildren who absolutely love him to bits. He still has some issues with other dogs, but with the help of the staff at Oakwood we are continuing to deal with that.  He does have some doggie friends who he is able to socialise with and will even play with a ball with a couple of them. Thanks to the staff at Oakwood, Mucky has definitely found his forever home.”

muckyselfie (1)muckyalfie (1)muckyfreddie (1)


Jack Russell x Cairn Terrier

Socks came into Oakwood from a lady who couldn't cope with her feisty nature. She made friends with fellow rescue terrier Ruby and the pair formed their own little bond. Socks was soon spotted by the Parkin family who immediately fell in love with her feisty nature and adopted her soon after. She is now spoilt rotten by them, and has a new friend in Simba another oakwood Rescue dog who was adopted by the Parkins daughter Emily.

Socks mum had this to say about her - "Love you Socky, she is such a loving and lovely dog and I just can not imagine life without her thanks Oakwood x !"

socks1 socks3socks2












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