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    Sex - Female

    Age -  2 years (D.O.B 18.06.16)

    Breed - Crossbreed

    Size - Large

    About me: I am a very sweet girl that is trying to settle into kennel life. I am trying to build up a bit of confidence so I can find my forever home. I can be quite shy but I am finding out that I can trust humans and that the world is not such a scary place!

    History: I was very shy in the Romanian kennels and found it difficult to trust people. I hid and was very frightened, I was sponsored and able to come across to Oakwood.

    What I'm looking for: I need a home that is willing to be patient with me and allow me to build up my trust and confidence at my own pace.

    Why I am looking for a foster home: I am a shy girl that needs a bit of a confidence boost - with the guidance of our trainers, you could help me on the way to finding my forever home!

    Specific requirements: No children. Male dog only. No cats.

    Adoption fee - £200

    Free training: 4 weeks

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