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Sex - Male

Age - 4 years

Breed - Shepherd X

Size - Large

History - Mally was a street dog in Romania before being taken in by a shelter where he was confined to a small, dark and dirty pen. Fortunately, he was discovered by IDR and has been at Oakwood Dog Rescue since August 2017.

Mally is a lovely boy and can be very affectionate once he gets to know you. He can be nervous with new people and new situations so you need to take things slowly with him.
He walks really nicely on the lead and is generally friendly towards other dogs although can sometimes get scared.
Specific Requirements - Mally needs a home without children, other dogs or cats

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks


Lara - Available

Sex - Female

Age - 1 year

Breed - Lab X

Size - Medium

History - Lara was captured from roaming the streets and brought into a shelter, not much else is known about her history. However, since IDR have had her in their care she has shown she is great with people and loves to go for walks on the lead. Lara is playful but doesn't like to share.

Specific Requirements - Lara needs a home without children and would need to be the only dog in the home. She is untested with cats.

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks

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