Max - Available


Sex - Male

Age - 6 years

Breed - Crossbreed

Size - Medium

About me: Hello, I'm known at the centre as Fat Max, as I can be food orientated and I LOVE treats, I mean, who doesn't?! I have recently become one of the newest collection dogs so you may have seen me working my charm at our events. I do have a wonky jaw due to poor treatment in Romania, but that hasn't stopped me from living my life. I started off a bit scared but now can play nicely with a lady dog, however, I also don't mind playing on my own.

What I'm looking for: I would like a family home to settle down in, I've had a hard life and think it's about time someone took me home.

Specific requirements: Children 10+, female dog only. Untested with cats.

Adoption fee: £200

Free training: 4 sessions