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Age: 1 year

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

About me: I’m just a big puppy so I’m into everything and the humans say I need some boundaries and training. I LOVE food so will quickly learn in exchange for treats!

What I’m looking for: FOOD and TOYS and TREATS! Oh, but the staff said I also have to say, someone who will be patient and not let me get away with naughty behaviour but teach me manners. I could live with a large female dog but no boy doggies, cats or humans under 15yrs.


Nancy - Available

Sex - Female

Age - 10 months

Breed - X breed

Size - Large

History - Nancy was a street dog in Romania. She was brought over to the UK with her sister by someone who adopted them both direct from Romania with no rescue involved. They quickly realised that they had taken on too much with 2 x 8 month old Pups and Scruffy Dog rescue stepped in and took them on. Both Nancy and her sister were boarded in a kennels in Lincolnshire and Oakwood were approached by Scruffy Dog Rescue to help rehome them.

Specific Requirements - Nancy needs a home without children or cats but could live with another male dog.

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks

Raising money for Oakwood


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