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    Sex: Male

    Age: 4 years (D.O.B: 08.05.14)

    Size: Large

    Breed: Crossbreed

    About me: I am a bouncy boy that enjoys my walks and attention. I am itching to find my forever home with some active people that will be interested in long walks and stimulating games!

    History: Originally, I wasn't even living in the kennels - I was a street dog that two of Oakwood's lovely ladies discovered outside of their hotel. I was hanging around for a while, unsure of where food was coming from, and I certainly wasnt getting any loving contact. The ladies decided to bring me to the kennels to help get me across to the UK so I can finally find a home I can live the rest of my life in.

    What I am looking for: I am full of beans so will need a home that is active and could teach me things like flyball, how to play frisbee or even agility! I am also an affectionate boy, so a home that can provide me with these will be fantastic!

    Specific requirements: Children aged 10+. No dogs. No cats.

    Adoption fee: £200

    Free training: 4 weeks