Sam's Experience of Long-term Foster

Sam has fostered several Oakwood dogs until they found their forever homes. She tells the story of Oscar and Bruce that found a special place in her heart. 

"I first started fostering dogs for Oakwood in October 2012. It is something that I have always been interested in doing and the offer of being able to take them in to Oakwood’s doggy day care facility while I was at work made it quite simple to fit around my lifestyle. The thing which most people ask me is ‘How can you bear to part with them? I couldn’t do it!’ and I must say this has been difficult at times. It really helps that I get actively involved in rehoming, including getting to know the prospective new owners over the course of the viewings, home trials and adoption process. This means that I can gradually let go of the dog over a period of time rather than having a sudden transition. Through Oakwood’s Facebook page I often remain involved with the new owners and receive updates and photos regularly. I know that some of the dogs would have really struggled to find a loving new home without the extra care and assessment that a foster home brings. Knowing this enables me to keep going despite feeling sad when the dogs leave my care.

The first dog that I took care of was Oscar; he had been in the rescue for several months and not had any interest. Oscar settled in really quickly with my menagerie of two dogs and a cat. Within a few weeks Oscar had a viewing with a lovely couple. As he was very anxious at the rescue with these new people he became hyper active and boisterous so they were quickly put off. Luckily I had just arrived to collect him so I sat in on the viewing which made Oscar much calmer and showed the couple how loving and affectionate he really was when he got to know someone. The couple were able to ask me lots of questions about Oscar’s personality which put them at ease so much that they reserved him that day. After a few home trial days, so that the dog and prospective new owner could get to know each other, Oscar moved on to start his new life and with the on-going support of Oakwood they have been very happy.

Bruce had become very underweight and developed skin conditions while he was living on the streets and in the pound. Oakwood had found it difficult to provide him with the intensive one to one care that he needed due to the busy kennel environment. His emaciated and threadbare look was off putting to potential new owners who were afraid of large vets bills and he was overlooked for some time. When he came to me for foster care I was able to put him on a strict diet and skin care routine which very quickly resolved his problems and brought him back to full health. This made him far more attractive and resulted in a new home for him! He actually put on a stone in four weeks and has continued to blossom with his new family."


9054_10151219243724609_364520315_n  Oscar 
 bruce at sams  Bruce
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