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    Sex: Female

    Age - 2years (D.O.B: 19.12.16)

    Breed - Crossbreed

    Size - Medium

    About me: I am a friendly girl that loves attetion and affection- I also lovemy toys and treats! When my knees are better I can't wait to go back to having a good run with my favourite ball!

    History: Life was tough in Romania which is why I take a little while to get to know people. I was in the UK for a while and I suddenly had problems with my legs - I needed an operation to fix my knees which was funded by Oakwood's amazing supporters. I am currently in a foster home recovering from my surgery.

    What I'm looking for: I am currently recovering from surgery but once I am fit to go I will be on the look-out for a home with children 10+, no dogs or cats.

    Adoption fee: £200

    Free training: 4 weeks

    I have a video of me from when I was a puppy and was having my first day in our day school, if you would like to see how cute I was (and still am), please click the link to watch!