Featured Dog

Lucaluca- romanian

Sex - Male

Age - 1-2 years

Breed - Romanian Cross

Size - Medium

History - Luca has come over from Romania where there are thousands of stray dogs living on the streets. He is one of the lucky few who got brought to England for the chance at a better life. Romanian dogs are often treated badly and so they learn early in life to be cautious of humans in their fight for survival.

Personality - Luca is slowly starting to come out of his shell. Once you win his affection he likes having his ears rubbed and is starting to play with toys. He's very wary of people and takes time to warm up. It's such a rewarding moment when he comes out to greet you and asks for a love.

A little message from Luca -

"I'm still very scared and frightened that something bad might happen to me, life was hard in Romania. I want a quiet home with a nice human I can learn to trust"

Specific Requirements - No dogs, may be able to live with cats, adult only home (16yrs+)

Adoption Fee - £200

Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor A Dog

We have decided to give our long-term residents a bit of extra exposure by launching a sponsorship scheme to give our supporters the opportunity to sponsor a dog until they are adopted. We will only be running the scheme with our three longest staying dogs for now, and if the scheme is successful we will expand it to cover other dogs.

The Dogs

The first dogs on the scheme will include -  



Leo is a 4 year old Labrador x Rottweiler. He came into the rescue as his owner was working very long hours and was having to leave Leo alone as he had nobody to look after him. Leo is a big bouncy lad who needs a bit of obedience training to get him on the straight and narrow. He is very intelligent, playful and loves to run around on our field. Due to his bouncy nature and large size we are taking care to find a home with someone who can handle Leo's needs, in the mean time he will be joining our Sponsor A Dog scheme.




Penny is a 5 year old Jack Russell who came to us as her owner was no longer able to keep her due to personal reasons. She is a lovely girl who loves a cuddle and a nice walk. She isn't too keen on other dogs or children, and she can't be left alone for very long without getting upset hence why we are taking particular care to find an owner for her who fits her needs. Penny will be joining the Sponsor A Dog scheme until that perfect home comes along.



 Alpha is a 2 year old Siberian Husky who came to us from another rescue initially for a behaviour assessment and some training, but he has ended up staying with us whilst he looks for his forever home. He is a very friendly boy who loves going for long walks and playing on our field. Whilst he awaits his forever home Alpha will be available to sponsor.

Sponsorship Pack

The sponsorship fee will be £5 per month, this will go towards paying for the dogs housing, care and medical bills whilst they are in the rescue.

As part of your sponsorship you will receive - 

An information pack about the rescue

A Certificate of Sponsorship

An Oakwood Charity Wristband

A Supporters Club Badge

and regular email updates


Payment Methods

Direct Debit -



Bank Transfer - 

Account No. 30709560

Sort Code: 77-12-07 


Cash (payment in full only)


Cheque (payment in full only) - 

Made payable to Oakwood Dog Rescue


Application Form

Sponsor A Dog Form
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