Information on Albus

6 years, Male,  Medium Mixed Breed (Corgi type)

Albus is a stunning boy that was quite shy when he first came off of the transport bus, however, he soon attached himself to people and realised we wanted to be friends.

Albus can be protective of people that he considers his, this means that he does tell other dogs off if they come near you when he's around. For this reason he will need to live as an only dog.

He is an affectionate boy that will jump up for cuddles and will sit on your knee when he feels more comfortable around you. He has a lot of love to give and will be a good first-time dog for an inexperienced owner or a loving addition to a family tha thave had dogs before.

He can start off a little shy and may crouch a little when you first interact with him but he soon warms up. We believe he is suitable for a home with children over the age of  12 that are a little calmer and would prefer a cuddly dog over a bouncy-hyper dog.

He is very food oriented so training should come a little easier.

He isbeginning lead training and is currently doing well but can be a little stubborn, he needs time an patience to become confident.

Home Needed:

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