Beryl's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 6 months
  • Expected Size: Large / Extra Large
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Baby Beryl!

About Beryl:

Baby Beryl was found on the streets of Greece at just 5 weeks old. She was found alongside her siblings which had all sadly passed away after they were poisoned by the locals.

Luckily for Beryl, we have contacts at a Greek dog shelter who were running a neuter and release programme. They found her, contacted one of our staff and she was secured a foster placement with them which meant she could be taken off the streets and be on her way to safety.

She spent the next few weeks living in their outside dog shelter until she was able to travel to the UK

Beryl is a very loving puppy but is very scared of the outside world including new people. We have already started working on this but her new family will need to continue with this otherwise she will be worried for the rest of her life about new situations so her confidence really needs buiding whilst we have the perfect opportunity. 

Beryl's new family must be dedicated to raising a puppy and showing her life in a home. This means commiting to puppy classes, training and dog socialisation sessions as well as understanding that she has not seen much of the outside world so she may get overwhelmed as she explores the world.

Beryl has been happily living with a confident cat in her foster home. She likes to love him and play with him.

We think Beryl could live with children aged 14+, they must be very sensible and calm children who are used to being around large dogs. Beryl has the full teething stage to go through yet which requires a lot of patience and consistancy alongside a lot of positive swaps when she steals things that the adopter may not want her to have. 

She's a very submissive puppy and she will only respond to positive reinforcement training, anything else will just scare her which will not help in her confidence building which she so desperately needs.

With other dogs: 

Beryl has so far been great around other dogs and loves to play. We have not seen any issues so we would consider a home for her with other dogs. 

Moderate-high energy

Beryl has shown us that in future she could become an active, potentially high-energy dog, she will require a family that is prepared to give her the exercise she needs


Puppies of Beryl's age should not be left longer than 2 hours at this age. Once she is older she can be trained to be left up to 4-5 hours maximum

Requires further lead training

Beryl has just started lead training but will require this to continue in the home until she is walking confidently on lead

Training required

Beryl will require basic manners training when she is settled in the home, continuous dog socialisation and potentially further training in future

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