Information on Bella

2 years, Female, Small Mixed Breed (Jack Russell Size)

Bella was very shy coming off of the van and sat in a corner frozen for a few hours. She did allow us to approach and touch her and since has started to slightly wag her tail and play bow when we have been coming in and out of her kennel.

She has a lot of potential to become a loving dog in her own time.

In our dog mixing session she greeted other dogs but didn't instigate play and kept herself to herself. She could potentially live with a small-medium male dog.

She can be a bit jumpy with interaction but will allow touch and is a gentle girl. For this reason we believe she could be suitable for a home with kids over the age of 10 years.

She is not currently walking on a lead but staff will explain how to do this for when she is ready.

Home needed:

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