Information on Bertie

2 years, Male, Small Mixed Breed (Shih Tzu size)

Bertie came over to us from Romania where he was in danger of being attacked and killed by other dogs. 

We have been assessing him for a while - he was very timid when he first arrived but is growing in confidence.

He will now wag his tail when we go to his kennel and can be handled, though he is very worried about it and is not keen on being picked up.

He has been mixed with other dogs and is very tolerant but is not afraid to tell a dog to back off if needed. He could live with a small female dog.

Bertie is doing really well with his lead training and the first time we saw him perk up and look excited was on his first walk.

He has started to get quite worried when he is left so must have an owner that is around more and can teach him that staying home alone is ok, this needs to be gradual, at the moment he cannot be left very long and will need to be worked up to 4-5hrs max.

He is a beautiful boy that will not be with us very long at all.

Home needed:

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