Information on Bob

2 years, Male, Jack Russell Terrier (Pedigree)

Bob arrived with us a few days ago and was understandingly very confused by what had happened to him. Bob has lived in 2 homes in his life and unfortunately neither have worked out for him. His 2nd home have taken very good care of him and he is in fantastic shape, looking quite athletic with lots of muscle tone.

Bob was handed in to us after having issues sharing his home with other dogs. He therefore must live as an only dog in the home. 

Bob can be reactive to dogs on lead - not all dogs but reportedly can bark at some dogs. When we have mixed him with other dogs at the rescue he does seem interested but becomes worried very quickly and starts to display signs of being uncomfortable - paw lifting, looking away, licking his lips and displaying worry creases in his forehead.

Bob may potentially be able to walk with a friends or family dog in future but this will need to be a slow intergration. He does not have much confidence around other dogs and we advise that his potential owner looks to attend some training sessions to help Bob with his dog anxiety.

He is a very active boy so will not suit a moderately active or low active home - this boy needs long walks, play and mental stimulation to keep him busy!  Terriers have potential to dig or display behavioural issues if they are not provided with enough mential stimulation and physical exercise.

Bob is friendly with people but he is also a little insecure and worried. He will come for tickles but can be a bit aloof - we do think this is because he has not bonded with us yet and is still adjusting to kennel life. 

Bob reportedly has a high prey drive and has chased rabbits when off-lead in his previous home. The new owner must commit to recall training which will take a while before looking to try off-lead walks. Some dogs may not be able to be let off-lead other than on secure fields so it is recommended that a secure field is used for Bob.

Bob has fantastic potential in the right home. He is always ready for action and needs a loving family that will keep up with him. Any previous terrier experience is beneficial but not essential.

Bob is a bouncy boy and can jump a fair height so must have a secure 5ft boundary with no holes at the bottom to keep him safe in the garden.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 16yrs

Dogs: No

Cats: No and no small animals in the home

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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