Information on Buddy

Approx 3 years, Male, Size: Medium (short but long)

Buddy arrived with us at the beginning of October and show lots of promise, however, at the moment he is shy and needs time to come around.

He has an absolutely gorgeous face and a beautiful tail wag to match!

Buddy is extremely food focussed so will become very giddy around meal times or if a treat is available.

He has been very poorly treated by people and does not trust us touching him yet, he is very frightened that someone is going to hurt him. 

He needs a home that will allow him to come out of his shell in his own time which may take longer than expected but he cannot be rushed to do 'normal' doggy things as it will push his confidence back.

We are still assessing Buddy with dogs, he likes to insitgate play with some dogs at the rescue, but can avoid others at the moment.

Buddy is too frightened to begin lead training so this will come when he is ready.

He is under assessment with cats.

Home needed:

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