Information on Cassie

Approx 5 years, Female, Size: Medium (Cocker Spaniel size)

Cassie waited 10 whole months to come over to the UK from the Romanian kill-shelter and was very close to her PTS date. She was very timid following transport and did not want to be touched or handled.

The following day we did get a couple of anxious tail wags and she ate food in front of us which was a positive sign. 3 days after transport Cassie approached a new volunteer she had never met before and asked for strokes - we were blown away by her progress and are hoping this continues.

She is still very, very shy but she looks to humans when she is frightened or overwhelmed. We mixed her with the puppies and she became anxious and stuck by us waiting for us to let her off the field where she could chill out.

She has met a few dogs in our care is much more interested in male dogs - she properly wagged her tail when meeting Jude and tried to copy his goofy play bow! She has shown us that she could benefit from living with a slightly playful but confident male dog to help her continue to progress.

Cassie is a very sweet girl and we believe she could potentially live in a home with quieter, sensible kids over the age of 14 years that will understand that she is frightened and allow her to come to them to build a friendship.

She is not currently walking on a lead and needs lots of time before this happens.

She has not been cat tested, therefore, she cannot live with cats.

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