Cuba's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 9.5 months
  • Expected Size: Medium / Large 
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Cuba!

About Cuba:

Cuba is originally from Greece. He was dumped as a tiny puppy and was very phobic back then.

His rescuers in Greece put in a lot of work with him right up until the day he was able to travel to the UK in search of his forever home. 

Once Cuba knows and trusts you, he loves being stroked and having tummy tickles. He gets very giddy when you talk silly to him and he has just recently started taking an interest in toys.

With dogs:

Cuba loves other dogs and they give him a lot of confidence. He will either need a home with another dog or where the adopter is willing to take him on doggy play dates once he is settled in the home. Dogs are the thing he has known his whole life that he has had no need to fear.

With cats:

Cuba has been brought up in a heavily cat populated area and is currently living with a cat in a foster home. We are happy to rehome him to a household with a cat(s).

Moderate-high energy

Cuba has shown us that in future he could become an active, potentially high-energy dog, he will require a family that is prepared to give him the exercise he needs


Cuba could be trained to be left alone for around 4 hours however this must be built up slowly and he must be left for as little as possible to begin with 

Requires further lead training

Cuba is not yet able to walk on a collar and lead. He is very scared and so this is something his adopter will need to work on with him

Training required

Cuba is a nervous boy that doesn't know any basic commands / manners of living in a home. This will need to be worked on with positive reinforcement training methods only

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