Information on Elsa

4-5 months old, Female, Expected to be Medium sized when fully grown , Mixed Breed

Sweet Elsa has not had the best start in life, spending her first 4 months of her life in kill shelter has understandably left her very wary of the outside world. Elsa is very timid, when she first arrived she would hide in the corner of our fields and run away if anyone approached. When getting her off the transport she screamed in terror from being touched.

She is currently making progress and she is now gaining confidence around people but will still cry and shake in fear if handled. She is however starting to show signs of play and other 'normal' puppy behaviours but she is going to need a dedicated owner who understands she is far from your average pup. Elsa's new owners will need to provide proof of working with a trainer to give her the best possible start to her new life. She is not currently walking on a lead and she will need training and practise when she is brave enough. 

Elsa is already showing signs of seperation issues and will cry at night and when left alone so will need a home where her family are around for most of the day and can slowly build up her leaving time.

Elsa will need puppy training and dog socialisation, however, she is not currently ready for this. Adopters will need to research providers and notify staff who they will be using once she is ready.

She would benefit from living with another dog as this will help her gain confidence around people and help teach her importand life skills.  We believe she could live with a confident cat.

Elsa is currently very underweight and adopter's will need to make sure they are monioring this and making sure she is getting enough food and nutrients to get her to a healthy weight. 

Elsa is a sweet & gentle girl and in the right home she has the potential to live up to her name and blossom into a brave princess but just like the real Elsa this will not happen overnight and will require a lot of support from her family. 

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