Information on Elsie

Approx 6 months, Female, Exp size: Small/Medium

Little baby Elsie has had a rough time in the Romanian shelter, she has only known pain and manhandling from people so she has been left very timid.

She is not ready for touch or handling at the moment and this will take a good while for her to learn to trust someone. She is making progress and will take food around people, and even walks very close to people which is a huge improvement from her first day at the kennels. When she arrived she curled up in a ball and kept her distance completely.

Elsie is extremely underweight and had very little muscle mass at the moment. She is on multiple meals throughout the day to help her gain some much needed weight.

She has been mixed with lots of dogs whilst being at the centre and displays all the behaviour we hoped for her - she is submissive when greeting adult dogs and other puppies and will appease them by licking their mouths - all the behaviour she should be doing to make doggy friends.

Elsie tries to instigate play with other dogs and has become quite attached to Sky and Jude already. She will need to live with another dog to give her confidence and follow their lead. 

Elsie will require basic manners training and further dog socialisation when she is ready. She is not going to be ready for sometime but this will help her to become a well-rounded adult dog. 

Training and socialisation is mandatory for all of our puppies to help them be the best dog they could possibly be.

Elsie has not been tested with cats, therefore, she cannot live with cats.

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