Information on Julius

2 years, Male, Chow-Chow (no KC papers)

Julius is a typical stubborn chow that does his own thing...

When he arrived he was very wary of people and would stand and bark as he was unsure. Julius has created a fantastic bond with one of the staff members and will initiate play with her.

He is a big teddy bear that really enjoys his food - chicken is his favourite! 

Julius has not been socialised with dogs and doesn't know what to do with them. He can be very inappropriate and bark in their faces which puts dogs off. He can also mount other dogs which is why he is assessed as an only dog.

Julius has faced some awful treatment in Romania and is slowly rebuilding his trust with people. He needs a very patient and understanding owner to give him a second chance.

Any applicants interested in Julius must have previous chow chow experience. They are not an easy breed to take on and come with their own challenges.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 16yrs

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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