Information on Katie

Approx 8 months, Female, Size: Expected Small-Medium

Katie has a beautiful nature that is slowly coming out as we get to know her.

She was very shy when she arrived and did not trust us enough to touch her, however, after a few days she will now allow tickles and jump up for attention.

She is shy and can crouch down or expose her tummy – this is not an invite to touch her, she doesn’t want to hurt us and doesn’t want us to hurt her. She is sweet and seems to be quite delicate – she must have positive reinforcement training as any other form of training could damage her confidence.

Katie can bark at new things that frighten her. When mixed with a large group of dogs she did find this overwhelming and did bark at some of the larger dogs, however, she does currently have friends that are smaller and likes to play with them.

She started to show us that she is uncomfortable with other dogs approaching her bed or coming too close to her in her bed.  Therefore she would benefit from a dog-free home, however, Katie MUST be taken to dog socialisation sessions when she can walk on lead or be handled, Katie is still learning how to play with other dogs and if she does not learn appropriate play around other dogs she could become frightened of interacting with them. Her owner is expected to seek dog socilisation to help Katie's confidence around other dogs. We are still continuing to introduce her to dogs at the centre, but this has to be continued in the home.

She is a gorgeous pup that has a lot of potential. 

Romanian puppies will display typical puppy behaviours - having no manners, require toilet training, jumping up, chewing, struggling to be left alone and they will also display street-dog behaviour due to their lineage. A puppy adopter must be prepared to have lots of up's and down's as the dog settles.

Puppies cannot be left alone for any longer than 2-3 hours at this stage. Puppies need companionship as well as frequent toilet breaks whilst their bladders are still very small. Katie will need someone around in the home more, and she must be worked up to being left which may take a while.

She has not been tested with cats; therefore, she must not live with a cat.

As she is beginning to enjoy affection from people she does have potential with children, however, younger children will be too much for her. She requires a home with children over the age of 14 that are quieter and sensible. Louder children could very-easily knock Katie's confidence.

Katie is not a Belgian Shepherd or Malinois puppy - she is a mixed breed and is currently the size of a Jack Russell.

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