Information on Melody

4 years, Female, Medium Mixed Breed (Cocker Spaniel size)

Melody is a calmer girl and will suit someone who does not want a bouncy puppy. She is sweet and affectionate but is a moderate energy dog that would be happy with a couple of good walks and to settle in the home.

Melody could live with kids over the age of 12 years but the kids must prefer a dog that will want cuddles over play. She may liven up a bit in the home but she has more of a chilled out personality with people.

Melody has been out with the trainers and they have said that she seems happy on a lead and is playful with other dogs at a distance. Melody does need to live as an only dog as she can tell other dogs off for coming near her human. She can be a little too assertive with other dogs which puts many dogs off being her friend.

She is doing well with her lead training and is starting to enjoy going out for walks. She has a way to go but is doing well so far.

We believe Melody has some form of Spaniel in her and has similar facial features to a spaniel.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 12yrs (calm kids)

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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