Information on Millie

2 years, Female, Small Mixed Breed (Terrier size)

Millie was worried coming off transport but quickly enjoyed the freedom of the field and began to zoomie around in delight!

She was nervous of people to begin with but over the past few days she has started to understand that we want to be her friend and is happy to have tickles from us.

She is very puppy-like despite her age; she is bouncy and does jump up. She can be vocal when excited too. She will need to be taught that being alone is okay as she will become attached to her people very quickly.

Millie has been mixing and kennel sharing with other dogs at the rescue and could potentially live with a small-medium male dog in the home.

Millie is not confident enough to begin lead training at the moment so will need to settle in the home before this is started.

Millie is friendly but she is still shy, she could potentially live with sensible children over the age of 12 years that will give her space when she needs it. A quieter home would be beneficial so that she can come out of her shell and not be worried about too much going on in the home.

She has not been cat tested; therefore, she needs a cat-free home.

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