Information on Phoebe

5 years, Female, Small/Medium Mixed Breed (Springer spaniel size)

Phoebe came to us from a different shelter and had been there her entire life with no hope of finding her forever home.

She's a small/medium size but arrived very overweight so will need to continue a diet in the home to help her shed some excess weight which will make it easier on her joints.

Phoebe is timid, she gets a lot of confidence from other dogs and will allow slight touch if another dog is around. She cannot walk on a lead at the moment and needs time and space to get used to being around people and trust them before this happens.

She can get stressed without other dogs around so must live with at least one other dog. 

Phoebe has been introduced to lots of dogs at the rescue since she arrived and she has loved every dog we have introduced her to - she is submissive and will run over and lay on her back to tell the other dog she is not a threat. At the moment she doesn't know how to play much but would enjoy a home with a playful dog that will teach her it's okay to let go and relax.

She could live with sensible teens that will not force her to interact. Pushing Phoebe could really frighten her; she will progress at her own pace and has promise to be a lovely dog.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 14yrs

Dogs: MUST live with another dog

Cats: No

Fencing: 6ft minimum

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