Reuben's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 7 years
  • Size: Medium / Large
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... Handsome Reuben! 

Reuben's Story:

Reuben is another gentle soul that was rescued from the horrors of the Romanian kill shelter. Like many of the others he spent between 2-3 years living there were he had to share the smallest of spaces for shelter and fight for his food and water, along with the dread of the shelter workers coming to start their shift every day.

Upon getting Reuben off the transport van, this poor boy was exhausted and he looked like he'd completely given up. He wouldn't stand and he just flopped into our arms seemingly accepting of what fate was ahead of him.

Within only a few days, Reuben realised he was in a safe space where people were kind to him, he had a soft, warm bed and regular meals being fed to him away from the others dogs so he could eat in peace. 

We were lucky enough to catch on video, the first tickle he received. His eyes closed and he just melted into the person's arms. It was like the penny had dropped and he knew he no longer had to worry about anything.

With other dogs: 

Reuben has been excellent with every dog we have introduced him to, this includes group mixes and one on one mixed.

He has shared his kennel with several other dogs with no problems although he can have a snap if food is about to warn the other dog to back off. Reuben arrived with us fairly skinny and if he hadn't have stood up for himself like this in the shelter, he very likely wouldn't have survived so this behaviour is completely understandable.


Low energy

Reuben is a very laid back dog. He enjoys exploring and sniffing everything in site and as of yet we haven't seem him running around burning off energy. We have assessed him as a low / moderate energy dog

4-5 hrs

Reuben has never lived in a home before therefore any time alone would need to be built up. Once he's comfortable in the home, he will be able to be left for around 4 hours

Lead trained

Reuben has not yet started learning how to walk on a collar and lead. Trust will need to be built up with his adopter before lead training can start

Training reminders

Reuben has no basic training. This will all come in time once he's settled in a home and has started bonding with his family

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