Information on Scooby-Doo

5 years, Male, X-Large Mixed Breed (Large Greyhound size)

Scooby Doo is Oakwood's resident friendly giant!

He's under 40kg but he is a tall dog, around a large greyhound size but bulkier.

Scooby can be protective over his food which is why he needs to live as an only dog but he can socialise with some dogs - due to his size, some dogs are a little wary of him.

Scooby likes attention and handling on his own terms and can be a bit grumpy if people try to mess with him, he is a dog that likes his own space and will come for hugs and attention when he wants it. He can be very affectionate when he wants to be and will openly come for strokes but equally likes to go and do his own thing.

Scooby has been accompanying the trainers on appointments to help dogs that are wary of other dogs learn that they're not so scary. He's doing very well with his lead training and enjoys going for long walks with staff.

He can be greedy with food - which will make training all that bit easier, at the centre he receives his meals in slow-feeders and puzzle toys to keep his brain active and slow down his eating.

He is an intelligent dog that will benefit from some obedience training (we send over 6 weeks of free obedience training for any adopter).

He is a large dog and will benefit from a big dog confident home. You'll also need a sizable car as he will take over the entire back seat of a smaller car (haha!)

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 16yrs

Dogs: No - could socialise in future

Cats: No

Fencing: 6ft minimum

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