Information on Sid

6 years, Male, Small Mixed Breed (King Charles spaniel size)

Sid is currently at one of our parter rescue sites but will be brought to Hull if he has solid interest.

Sid is a very shy and timid dog, he will have days where he feels more confident and days where he wants to hide. He has had very poor treatment in Romania and so he can be unsure of people.

Sid is currently living in a foster home around other dogs. He would prefer calm or elderly dogs to live with but could also be the only dog in the home.

Sid is getting used to a home environment but would still need lots of time and patience to come out of his shell and trust his new people.

Sid is not currently lead trained as he is shy, staff will advise on how to begin lead training with Sid for when he is ready.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 16yrs

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Fencing: 4ft minimum

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