Information on Sparkle

5 years, Female, Large Mixed Breed (Labrador size)

Sparkle is going to light up your life!

She can start off a bit worried about new people but as soon as she is given a treat she begins to warm up. She can be vocal and will ‘talk to you’ – she can do a little ‘Arooo’ when she’s excited and her tail goes crazy!

Sparkle is an intelligent dog; she already knows the hand gesture for sit and she loves her Kongs. She enjoys her creature comforts and loves to lay on the dog sofa and her soft bed. She does not need to have access to the sofa in the home, she does need to learn manners and can be taught to stay off the sofa if the owner wishes.

Sparkle is doing well with her lead training and has ventured out with a couple of volunteers. She like to be outdoors and is very food oriented.

She is not keen on other dogs and does not want to live with one, she will really benefit from some training around other dogs to build up her confidence. She also does not want to live with a cat.

Sparkle is the type of dog that can be as active or as lazy as you want her to be, she will enjoy going out with you and then have a snooze.

She will need to learn that being alone is okay, she can get attached to people very quickly and if this is not worked on, she will become worried that people are not coming back.

Sparkle is a smashing dog with an incredible amount of potential, all she needs now is a home of her own!

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