Information on Tenshi

2 years, Female, Medium Mixed Breed (Springer Spaniel size)

Tenshi is a ball of energy and is happy to make new human friends. When she came off of transport she was giddy and would jump up to say hello to us.

She prefers interaction on her own terms and can get a bit unsure if she is cuddled and overly touched. She will lick her lips as a sign to tell you that she is not confident with the interaction.

She was a little subdued the second day as she was overwhelmed by the change but we have started to see her excitable side coming out again.

She will need an active home that will keep up with her. She can be a bit puppy like with her jumping up and this will require some work.

Tenshi can guard her food from other dogs so needs to be the only dog in the home. She has walked with a couple of dog s in the centre and may be able to walk with friends and family dogs in the future.

Tenshi is doing well with her lead training. She does need some practice but is doing great so far.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 13yrs

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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