Tony's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Approx. 5 years
  • Size: Medium (Springer size)
  • Breed: Mixed


Tony has been through the wars and bears the scars to prove it. His scar on his nose was inflicted by people. This is an outdated practice that is still done in the Romanian villages. They take a boiling hot piece of metal and burn the dog’s nose to make them look tougher, others have said it can help to ‘protect’ a dog from contracting distemper, however, it does not.

Dogs like Tony have been under socialised with people, and the only interactions they will have had with people prior to arriving at the rescue centre will have been negative – consisting of abuse, beatings, dragged on a catchpole and scruffing, if not more as you can see above.

Tony has made progress whilst with us. At first, he is very worried about new people and takes time to start to trust them. We have worked with him, throwing food as he is incredibly food motivated and Tony will now come and take food from our hands and becomes giddy, play bowing and zoomying around the field when he knows it’s food-time!

Tony is not ready for touch at the moment so will need a hands-off home that will allow Tony to settle properly. Tony will be a project dog; he will take a good amount of time to settle into a home. He needs someone that is willing to allow him to take as long as he needs to get there. Dogs like Tony usually do not progress past a certain point in rescue, and most progress will be seen once he has fully settled into the home environment – we know this because we have rehomed lots of dogs that were just as timid as Tony that have gone on to really bond with their owners, learn to walk on lead and live fantastic lives.

Tony needs a quiet, adult only home (over 16s) that will leave him to do his own thing. He will want to hide at first so will just need a crate setting up so that he can retreat into it whenever he wants to, meals putting down at mealtimes and some treat-sessions where the owner sets aside 5 minutes a day just to give some treats and work on that bond. He will not want to do much more to begin with until he is more confident in the home.

Tony has one friend at Oakwood but is quite frightened of other dogs and takes a long time to get used to them. For this reason, Tony will need to live as an only dog in the home but may be able to meet other dogs in future when he is fully settled. We would advise speaking to a positive reinforcement trainer at this point to help Tony with meeting other dogs and feeling safe.

Tony cannot live with cats.

He will need a home with solid 5ft fencing.

We understand that dogs like Tony are not for everyone, we have had applicants admit that they have not experienced dogs as timid as ours before despite having years of dog experience - yet, we have had many first-time dog owners adopt and succeed with very timid dogs – all it takes is patience and taking on board advice from staff.

Many rescues would over-look dogs like Tony, but we believe that he has lots of potential in a home and deserves a chance at happiness. Adopting Tony will be an incredibly rewarding journey, seeing him enter the home as a timid dog and working with him to become a loving, trusting and valued member of the family is one of the best journeys you could ever embark on.

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