Information on Tony

5 years, Male, Medium Mixed Breed (Springer spaniel size)

Tony has faced some awful treatment and we are sure that if he could tell you what he's been though you'd cry.

The mark on Tony's nose is caused by humans. The marking of the nose is inflicted for a few reasons in Romania, something we would not stand for in the UK. Some people believe burning the snout helps to protect the dog from distemper... It doesn't.

Some do this to toughen up the dog, making it appear more frightening to people. It is done by taking a red-hot piece of metal and placing it on the dogs skin severely injuring them and scarring them for life. Tony's scarring has left him fearful of people - would you trust someone if this had happened to you?!

He is frightened someone is going to treat him the same way again so has little confidence around people. He is food motivated and we have started to show him that we are not the same as his abusers.

Tony has other scars on his body that may be due to humans or from his past. He is a survivor and needs a chance to learn how a dog should really be treated.

He's never had his own soft bed, he's not feeling relaxed enough to explore toys and it's time this changed.

He needs an adult only home (kids 16+) to settle in and really build a relationship with his humans. He needs to live as an only dog but could socialise with some dogs in the future.

Home Needed:

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