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3 Year Old


Terrier X

Brandy originally came to Oakwood in 2013 from a stray pound where his 7 days was up and he needed a rescue space. He has been adopted out once before but returned as he has had some handling issues.

He is a fantastic dog, very loving with people, gets on with most dogs but probably couldn't live with one. Brandy is not keen on being held by his collar and doesn't like having his nails clipped but is under-going training for both issues at the moment.   

Brandy has great obedience, recall, travels well and is fine left alone for a few hours.

He is a very loving dog who just wants to enjoy life with lots of walks, treats and cuddles.

Is there room on your sofa and in your heart for him?

Welcome to Oakwood Dog Rescue - Winner of Charity of the year 2014 in the Goole & Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards

Oakwood Dog Rescue was set up by Gill Williams; founder of Oakwood Canine Services in 2009, initially to support clients who could no longer take care of their dogs for whatever reason. The not for profit organisation has since grown, and now rescues dogs from across the UK. Based in Hull on Sutton Fields, near Kingswood. Gill is now assisted by a great team who day in day out, work tirelessly to take in, assess and re-home as many dogs as possible. 

      Can You Help? To continue running the rescue we depend entirely on donations and fundraisers. Any donations are very much appreciated (even if it's just 50p!). You can use the 'donate' button to donate using PayPal. Thank you for your support.  


To see what our adopters think of the service we provide, click here to see some testimonials

The organisation is supported by Oakwood Canine Services who provide Dog Training & Grooming as well as other related services. For more information click here                     


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