Adoption Requirements (Must be read before applying)

Adoption Requirements

The requirements must be read and agreed to before an adoption application is submitted.

These requirements are non-negotiable and failure to meet these requirements will lead to your application being removed from the system.

These requirements are in place for the well-being of our dogs and their backgrounds.


Prospective owners must be 21 or older.

Applicants aged 60+ must secure rescue back up from a friend or relative under the age of 60 in the event that the dog can no longer be cared for by the owner.

If you are unable to keep the dog it must be returned to us. However, this is not a get out clause. Adopters must be willing to work through situations to try and keep the dog.

An adoption contract must be signed on the day of adoption and an adoption fee is to be paid. All fees are non refundable/transferrable.


Responsibilities of an Owner

Insurance must be taken out on the dog for the life of the dog - to ensure that veterinary care and liability is covered in the event of an accident.

New owners must be willing to provide your chosen dog with the level of exercise and stimulation it requires everyday.

Annual vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and insurance must be kept valid and up to date to protect the health and wellbeing of the dog for it's whole life.

You must commit to completing training with your chosen dog. If you are within out local area you must attend the 4 weeks of free training. If you live outside our local area you should consult with a positive reinforcement trainer local to yourselves to give your new dog the best possible chance of settling into your family.

Your Property and Garden

Homecheck is mandatory - this checks for the safety and security of the dog once it is in your home.

Maintain a secure garden with a solid 6ft fence/hedge and 6ft padlocked gate. If your garden is not secure with a 6ft fence/hedge please do not submit an application form as you will not be able to adopt from us.

Any holes or gaps that a dog could squeeze through or manipulate to escape must be blocked off or closed up.

Any fencing under 6ft can be heightened with trellis or garden screening. Please ensure your garden meets these requirements before submitting a form.

Household Members and Pets

Everyone in the home must be in agreement about adopting a dog.

All household members, and other dogs in your home must be available for an introduction to the dog to make sure they all get along. Failure to acommodate this will result in your application being removed from the system.  

Children and Pets

If you have an existing dog it must be neutered or spayed

We only adopt opposite sex dogs into homes to minimise the risk of same sex fighting. e.g if you have a male dog, we will only consider adopting a female dog to you.

Due to the time-consuming nature of puppies and rescue dogs we are not able to re-home to people who already have a dog under 1 year old.

Rescue dogs often come from an unknown background therefore we only rehome dogs into families with children older than 5 years of age.


The dog must not be left alone in the home for longer than 5 hours or overnight, other arrangements must be made with professional services such as a dog walker or pet sitter.

Due to the uncertain and unknown backgrounds of our rescue dogs we cannot guarantee that they will be suitable to take to the workplace. We ask adopters that work full time to look for professional support if the dog will be left for longer than 5hrs.

You are about to commit to 10-15 years with your chosen dog. You need to have thought about how having a dog will change your lifestyle. Your dog will affect holidays, days out, social plans and much much more. You must be willing to make this commitment.

If you agree to the requirements above, please complete an adoption application form and the Adoption Team will be in touch.

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If you have any questions about our requirements, please click here to send an email: Contact us