Adoption Application Form

  • Our terms are non negotiable and have been put in place to protect the dogs best interests.
  • If you do not agree with our adoption requirements, please do not apply.
  • You will sign a contract stating you agree with our terms so it is vital that you read and ensure you can meet the requirements first.

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Simba (now Buddy) - Adopted

Your answers to the questions on this application form are there to help us find an ideal match for your lifestyle, home and circumstances. Whether you live in a bungalow, have 3 children or work full-time. We firmly believe that everyone has something to offer a dog in their life, and that there is a perfect home waiting for every single one of our rescue dogs so please answer the questions as honestly as possible so we can help you find your perfect match!

Sooty - Adopted

PLEASE do not submit an application unless you also immediately send photos of your garden.

  • Photos 1-2: where fencing meets house (both sides)
  • Photo 3: left side
  • Photo 4: right side
  • Photo 5: bottom of garden
  • Photo 6: photo of gate

Fencing Photos

 We need to see where the fencing meets the house, the entire left hand side, the entire right side, the bottom of the garden and a clear photo of the garden gate

Please attach your photos to the form or email them to: 

[email protected]

Rescue Dog Application Form
  • I have read the ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS (Do not tick this unless you AGREE):
  • Is having children, or having more children part of your future plans?:
  • What height is your garden fencing?:
  • What exercise will you give the dog?:
  • What age of dog would you prefer? Tick all that apply:
  • What size dog would you prefer?:
  • Have you ever owned a dog before?:
  • I have read the profile of the dog I am interested in, and I meet the Specific Requirements of the dog as outlined in their profile:
  • I understand that I must attach my garden photos below or email to [email protected] immediately after I have sent this application:
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