Some owners look to do more with their dog, it depends on each owners interests and their dogs ability as well as energy levels. This page gives a brief summary of different training and fun activites you could enjoy with your dog. These are not required and they will not be of interest for all owners.

If they are, be sure that your dog is confident enough for these, not all dogs will be able to cope with these activities.


Agility involves lots of team work between owner and dog. The owner directs the dog through an obsticle course. This can be done for fun or competitively and there will be agility classes held in your area.

It imvolves obsticles such as tunnels, weaver poles, A-frames, jumps etc. The dog runs off-lead  without food or toy incentives, but to begin with both will need to be used to reward the dog for completing the obsticle then gradually phased out.

This requires a good level of recall training and a strong bond between the dog and owner.

This activity is high impact and there fore not advised for older dog or dogs with joint issues. It is best for high energy dogs.

You can purchase at-home agility equipmwnt, but please acknowledge that they are not as robust or as challenging as the real deal.