Adoption Requirements Agreement
  • I am 21 or older:
  • I have a solid and secure 5ft or 6ft boundary all the way around my garden with a 5-6ft gate [state height]::
  • Do you have kids or visiting kids? Please note we have restrictions on children due to high demand:
  • I confirm that my current dog is neutered:
  • I understand that Oakwood only rehome dogs of the opposite sex:
  • I confirm my current dog is over 1 year of age:
  • I understand I will be advised to look into pet insurance:
  • Romanian Rescues are expert escape artists, I understand that [click all that you agree to]:
  • I understand that Romanian rescues can climb, jump and scale fences if they are not supervised in the garden:
  • I understand that when I come to a viewing I am expected to decide whether or not to reserve a dog on the same day I meet them:
  • If you answered 'No' this process may not be for you. Do you understand that we DO NOT hold dogs for people if they are unsure on reservation:
  • When do you have holidays/mini-breaks or a weekend trip next booked?:
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