Thank you for Submitting an Adoption Application - Please read the information below

Thank you for submitting an adoption application

Thank you for submitting an adoption application.

Please read the information below so you understand what happens next..................

The Adoption Process

1. You have already completed step one by submitting an adoption application form. You must ensure you have also sent us photos of your garden fencing. If you were unable to attach these to the form, please email them to Without these photos your application will not be looked at.

2. New applications take up to 1 week to process. Please be patient with us as we only have 1 member of staff who deals with applications this process may take a little longer if we are experiencing a high volume of applications. We aim to acknowledge your application by e-mail within 1 week.

(Please check your junk mailbox as often our 1st email we send goes into here)

3. If we have a potential dog match for you, you will receive a call back or email from one of the team to discuss your ideal dog and requirements and book a viewing if we have a match for you. If we do not have a match, you will be added to our waiting list until a match arrives at the centre, and then we will contact you.

If we leave messages/emails and you do not get back to us within 1 week we will delete your application. Unfortunately this does happen and takes up large amounts of time for our staff. We are unable to continuously try to contact people who do not return our calls/emails. To get back on the waiting list you will have to re-submit an application.

4. Make an appointment to see the dogs you have been matched with who appear most ideal to your lifestyle, bring photo and address ID so we can verify you.

5. Pay a reservation fee of £75.00 which secures your chosen dog whilst you get to know them. This holds your dog pending checks. Once reserved the dog will no longer be shown to our prospective adopters. 

6. Take your chosen dog out for a walk, out for the day to your home, and get to know them in every way possible over a week or so.

7. A homecheck will be carried out by one of our staff or volunteers. Home checks over 15 miles from Oakwood require fuel costs to be covered by the adopter (40p/mile). If you live outside the HU postcode area then we have a different process, see below for our out of Hull adoption process.

We do have a UK wide network of volunteers who can do home checks all over the country, the fees only apply if we have no one in your area, which is very unlikely.

8. If everything goes well, complete the adoption process with signing the contract, paying the remaining adoption fee and taking your new family member home! 

Remember you can't choose a dog from a picture or from the first meeting. You need to get to know the dog, see how they fit into your home, family and life. That way when you do sign the adoption contract you know it will be forever.

For potential adopters who live outside of Hull

If you live outside of the local area, then we will need to carry out a home check before you come to Hull to view the dogs, this will ensure you don't have a wasted trip if your home check doesn't pass for some reason.

Once the home check has passed we will then arrange for you to come over to Hull to view our dogs. We recommend you allocate at least a day and a night so that if you see a dog you like you can spend some time with that dog and not have to make a decision within an hour. For example, travel up Friday evening, meet a few dogs then go back to your B&B or hotel and have a think. 

Come back the next day and spend more time with your shortlisted dog/s, take them for a walk, play in our play area, take them out for the day etc.

Once you and us are happy that the dog you have chosen could be suitable then we ask you to complete all the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee in full.