Bobbie's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Approx. 7 years
  • Size: Large (Lab size)
  • Breed: Mixed breed


Hey guys, Bobbie here!

I originally arrived at Oakwood back in Janurary 2021. When I first arrived I was very scared due to how mistreated I was in Romania. It took me a while to begin to trust people again but I managed to find a home in March 2021. 

In the home I was very loved and the last 14 months I was there I made lots of progress in so many ways. Sadly, I have now come back to Oakwood due to compatibility issues with my family. I am an incredibly loyal boy and tend to bond strongly with one person. For this reason I need a 1 person household that I can give all my love and attention too. Once I trust you, you have a friend for life but unfortunately I can really struggle with new people and introductions need to be slow so I feel safe, so my ideal home would have minimal visitors.

I currently don't like being in my kennel and will cry out however in my previous home I was happy to be left because I'm a lazy boy who enjoys snoozing in my comfy beds, don't let that fool you though because I am super clever really! I enjoy enrichment and love my snuffle & lick mats. I also really enjoy Obedience and trick training and it seems to entertain the humans when I show off all the cool tricks I know. 

The staff here at Oakwood have been helping me get used to lead walking and I will walk around the centre on a lead just fine but I am very scared of the outside world and therefore haven't managed to go on a proper walk yet, my adopter will need to understand that I may never be a dog that enjoys going off on walks but I will enjoy sunbathing in the garden and cuddles with you.

Things I love:

  • Having a brush!
  • Venison!
  • Chest & butt scratches!


I am currently on a single protein venison diet as I have suspected allergies- my ears go red and I scratch them if I eat something I shouldn't.

I was very undersocialised with other dogs but have made progress with this and have shown I can have dog friends so although I need to live as an only dog I could have a visiting dog friend.

I cannot live with cats.

Full details of return will be given to potential adopters.

Hope to see your application!


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