Maudie's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: Small / Medium
  • Breed: Crossbreed

With other dogs: 

Maudie has been mixed with several of our dogs. Over time she has shown us that she would prefer not to be around them.


Introducing... Maudie! 

Maudie's Story:

Maudie came to us after spending a long time living in a public kill shelter in Romania. 

She is a very timid girl that has had next to no positive interactons with humans. 

She will allow touch but is very scared and doesn't yet enjoy it. 

Some days she will be super brave and take treats from our volunteers and this isn't currently consistant.

Maudie is looking for a quiet home, with a patient owner to help her learn that she is now safe and no longer needs to worry about being hurt.


Energy level

Maudie has show low / medium energy level however this could change once settled in a home 

3-4 hrs

Maudie could be trained to be left 3-4 hrs in the future, to begin with she will need to be left as little as possible

Lead trained

Maudie is not yet lead trained and this will not yet come until she learns to trust humans. It may be months, or longer, until she will be ready to start vernturing out into the big wide world.

Training reminders

Maudie has no basic training. This will all come in time as she learns to trust humans.

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