Shep's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... Shep! 

Shep's Story:

Shep is approximately 3 years old and has sadly not known much of life apart from the horrors of living in a public kill shelter in Romania.

He is a very sweet boy and you can see in his eyes just how much he is trying to be brave and wanting to make friends with us all at Oakwood. He has got so much potential and will hopefully thrive in a home with lots of consistancy and 1 on 1 time with his forever family.



With other dogs: 

Shep has been great with every dog that we have mixed him with so far. We have also had him in a couple of different kennel shares and he seems to be very happy to share his space with others. Based on this, we believe he will be suitable to live in a home with another dog. 


Moderate energy

Due to Shep being so nervous, it's hard to tell what kind of energy level he will have onve he has settled and is more confident. We'd guess he'd be of moderate to high energy


Shep could be trained to be left alone for around 4 hours. As he has never lived in a home before, he may not know to go to toilet outside so we would recommend leaving him as little as possible to begin with

Requires further lead training

Shep does not walk on a collar or harness and lead. He will need to build up trust with his family before this can be attempted, it could take months so patience will be key

Training required

Shep has no form of training due to living most of his life in a kill shelter. Trust will need to be slowly built before any form of training can begin

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