Well done for reaching this stage! You will have noticed your dog settling in well and becoming a true part of the family! Here's our support and advice on what to do from months 1-6+.

Do not fear if your dog is taking longer to settle than you anticipated. Each dog is individual and will come along in their own time.

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4 Week Support Survey

If you haven't seen your support survey email you can access it here! This gives you an opportunity to let us know if there is any support or advice you need

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Visitor into the Home Process

By now you're likely to be wanting to invite people to visit - here's our guide on making the dog feel comfortable in the presence of visitors

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Confidence Building

Here are some activities you can do with your dogs to hlp them build confidence. Dont forget to use high-value treats to gain their attention

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At Home Health Checks

Once you can touch your dog you can begin to health check your dog at home, here's our advice on what to look for when health checking

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Protective/ Guarding Behaviours

We adivse reading Learn to Read Your Dog and Positive Swaps prior to reading this section so you understand how to spot and manage guarding behaviours

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Your Dog & the Car

Here's some tips on how to desensitise your dog to the car and some guidance on how to manage car sickness. If your dog is not confident you can still transport them in a crate if you really need to

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Preparing for Vet Visits

Dogs can get very worried about visiting the vets. With some time and work you can make your dog feel much more confident about visiting the vets, here's how

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Supporting an Anxious Dog

Have an anxious or timid dog and wondered if there's anything you can do to help them? Here we have explained different supplements you can try with your dog

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It is not uncommon for  Rommies to be reactive on a lead, due to being undersocialised they are likely to be frightened of something, here's some tips on managing reactivity

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Loose Lead Walking

If your dog is comfortable walking on a lead, it's now time to teach them how to walk without pulling or darting around, here's our guide featuring 2 Rommie rescues

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Beginning Recall

Once your dog is confident on lead you can begin working on recall, this needs practicing a lot, we advise using a secure field to do so. Do not let your dog off lead until they are recalling 100% of the time

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Basic Grooming

Grooming should only be carried out if your dog can be handled and is comfortable with you. Dog should only visit a groomer if they are comfortable walking on a lead

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Fearful of people in the household

Due to the past of Rommies they can develop a fear of certain people in the household. Here some support for those that need it

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Body Condition

Keeping your dog a good weight is important to keep weight related issues at bay. We have also explained what to look for in dog food to help you out when choosing what food to buy

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Happy Endings

Want to share your dog's progress with Oakwood Dog Rescue Supporters? Click the button below to be taken to the page, ensure to answer the quiestions to be accepted

Who to contact for support

Adoption Advice

Email: adoptions@oakwooddogrescue.co.uk

Training Advice

Tel: 01482 823555 - please leave a voicemail

Grooming Advice

Email: happypawsspa@oakwooddogrescue.co.uk