Sunny's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Sunny! 

Sunny was originally born in Romania and rescued from a public kill shelter by another charity. Unfortunately, the home they found him didn't work out so he has come to us to try and find him his second chance at happiness.

About Sunny:

Sunny was born in Romania and travelled across to the UK as a young pup. He spent roughly 1 year in a home before we were contacted to say they could no longer keep him.

Sunny is a quirky boy, he is anxious and will greet people with a toothy dalmation-like smile. This is friendly but it does show us that he can be worried at times. He will create a brilliant bond with the people that he learns he can trust. He becomes super excited when some of our volunteers come in for their shift and all he wants to do is spend time his with them!

When Sunny knows you, he is a very affectionate boy and enjoys a good tickle. He can be worried at times about new people and so we have been gradually introducing him to more volunteers on shift.

Sunny absolutely loves his walks but over the months he has got more worried with strangers and traffic and can react by barking at them. We have been working on this and we have got him to the point were he can go for a long perioud of time with no reactions or he will look at the things he'd normally kick off at - but then look back at his handler for a little treat for being brave and not reacting in any way. He is a very intelligent boy but really has started to lack in confidence, he just needs to learn that not everything is out to hurt him and that he is now safe with his handler / new owner. This is all a work in progress though and training will need to continue with his new family.

Sunny does have a very basic level of training and will give paw and sit for treats, he also knows how to 'touch' and give eye contact when you say his name. He seems to enjoy training a lot so we highly recommend that his potential adopter continues this with him as it does seem to give him extra confidence. 


With other dogs: 

Sunny can get very excited to meet playful and friendly dogs and he's turned out to be one of our best dogs to mix the others with in kennels. He can be too much for some quieter dogs due to his very energic play style.

He really does enjoy going for walks with his doggy friends, however, when out walking, Sunny can be extremley reactive to dogs that he doesn't know and this is something that will need to be worked on in a home - possibly with the help of a dog trainer.

Sunny has displayed some guarding behaviour around toys and food and therefore will benefit from living as an only dog, but can have dog friends outside of the home when he has settled.

Sunny is a candidate for Foster with a view to Adoption. 

  • This process is very similar to adoption, the applicant must have the intention to adopt Sunny and will be required to reserve him, the adoptions team will provide the applicant and Sunny lots of support whilst he is settling into the home. Foster is to last around 4 weeks, and after this time, if he is settling well the adoption will commence. Sunny has displayed some guarding behaviours in his previous home, and so an experienced owner that is happy to take on advice from staff will be brilliant for him.

Sunny is a dog that has a lot of love to give and we want nothing more than to see him succeed and live a happy life in his forever home. He may require multiple meets with an applicant before reservation can go ahead.

Medical information:

Sunny underwent surgery April 2022 for cruciate disease and luxating patella in his hind left leg. He was on cage rest for 12 weeks. This was such a big thing for Sunny. It was so important that his mind was kept active during this stage to prevent him getting bored and aquiring any behavioural issues. Time, patience, love and care is what this boy needs. He did so well and we are really proud of him for it. Unfortunately, Sunny will very likely require the same surgery in his right knee too.  We are in regular contact with the vets regarding this but at the moment he seems to be doing well so we are letting him emjoy the break of being cooped up on recovery. 

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