Nero's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 5 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Nero! 

About Nero:

Nero is our new boy on the block. He is originally from Romania and spent the past few months living at another rescue. Unfortunately, this other rescue didn't quite have the set up for dogs that were unable to lead walk and so sadly Nero spent all of his time there in a kennel.

One of the staff reached out to ask for help. We were completely full at the time however dogs4rescue offered to take our boy Shaggy in return for us helping Nero so we jumped at the chance as we knew that this would hugely benefit Shaggy too.

It's clear to see that poor Nero has experienced trauma at the hands of humans and it will take time for him to trust us but you can see the potential in him a mile off. 


With other dogs: 

Nero thrives around other dogs as they help him feel safe, watching his dog friends interact with with us gives Nero the confidence to come over too. Nero needs a confident dog to live with,  to help him adjust to life in a home and show him the world doesn't have to be so scary.

Nero is a project dog that will take a lot of time and patience to help him progress. He is not a dog that currently walks on a lead or enjoys having strokes. His journey will be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Taking a chance on a Nero will change his whole life. It might not always be easy but we will provide support and reassurance to his family to help set him up for success. 

Nero will need a quiet home with another dog (preferrably female but we wouldn't rule out a male if it was the right match).


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