Here at Oakwood Dog Rescue we like to celebrate all the dogs that have now found their forever families!

We have helped many unwanted dogs throughout the years find their happy ever after and are hoping to save many more in the future!

Wondering how you can help us do that?

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So far this year Oakwood Dog Rescue has rehomed 170 dogs!

Sadly our adoptions have come to a hault during the covid-19 crisis and as our fundraising has stopped as well we are really struggling financially. We have finally been able to start rehoming dogs again but our fundraising activities are still very limited so please consider donating to us and help us keep the roof over their heads before they can find their forever homes!


Cracker (now Bella)


Jet (now Elmo)


Wesley (now Stanley)

Lennie (now Bobby)

Terry (now Bailey)

Cody (now Colin)

Harley (now Maisie)

Bella (now Nala)

Nala (now Ozzi)








Piki (now Teddy)


Echo (now Ollie)

Gillie (now Milo)

Max (now Cooper)



Pety (now Penny)

Lucy (now Poppy)

Frankie (now Indie)

Sasha (now Borg)


Harry (now Harriet)


Percy (now Carsley)

Zorro (now Buzz)


Lumi (now Sam)

Muffin (now Frankfurter)

Kai (now Keira)

Raven (now Jessie)

Kennedy (now Sage)


Biscuit (now Betty)

Joplin (now Romi)


Maisie (now Dotty)

Toto (now Reggie)




Asher (Asha)


Nova (now Jasper)

Kayleigh (now Flossie)



Breeze (now Mable)






Leo (now Buddy)



Rex (now Wesley)



Florin (now Maui)

Berry (now Luna)

Josh (now Oscar)

Lulu (now Lula)

Foxy (now Peggy)



Star (now Evie)

Jareth (now Archie)


Jasmine (now Evie)




Bailey (now Aster)

Cassie (Winnie)

Pepper (now Winnie)

Skater (Odin)

Avril (now Joni)

Arya (now Aria)

Layla (now Poppy)



Lilly (now Lily)

Izzy (now Pearl)


Jerry (now Freddie)

Carol (now Lady)



Little Harvey was snapped up in no time and has now been adopted!

Good luck in your new home little boy!


Belle was spotted by her new family way back in Romania, they met her once she arrived in the UK and fell in love with her. Belle is a very shy girl but her family understand being in a home is very new and owerwhelming for her and are doing everything they can to help her settle in.

Good luck Belle!


Mira arrived at the centre quite shy but she quickly realised the humas weren't so bad after all and stole our hearts with her cheeky personality!

Good luck in your new home gorgeous girl!


Shy little Lottie has been adopted and looks like she made herself right at home.

Have the best life little girl!

Emma (now Dhama)

Gorgeous Emma arrived at the centre quite scared but she quickly realised humans were not so bad after all and let her lovely personalit shine through! She's now settling in with her new family.


Sully was handed in to us when his family could no longer care for him. We're very glad his new family came along and decided to give this boy a second chance, he's doing very well in his new home and his new parents are doing an amazing job with him!


Tasha was such a character! No wonder she got snapped up so quickly and is now loving life in her new home!

Evelyn (now Evie)

Little Evelyn arrived very scruffy and smelly, after a much needed groom she looked like a different dog! She now loves exploring the garden in her new home!


Sweet little Noah has found his forever home! Have the best life little man!

Blue (now Leo)

Blue was snapped up straight waya too and is now settling in with his new family, well done little boy!

Tilly (now Leia)

Little TIlly didn't stay at the centre long and was quickly snapped up by her new family, good luck little girl!

Maddie (now Loxie)

Maddie arrived at the centre very traumatised, we are very thankful that her new family has taken a chance on her. The progress she has made in her new home already is incredible and we couldn't be any happier for this girl!


Bobby is settling in lovely in his new home and we're very happy for him, well done little boy!


Happy Ralphie was snapped up in no time too! We don't blame his family for falling in love with him at first sight, who could resist his sweet personalit!


Beautiful Gria has been adopted too! She had to wait a while before she could travel to the UK so we're very happy she finally got her happy ending!


Sweet boy Max came off the transport wagging his tail ready to find his forever home, we're very happy his new family loved his smile as much as we did and decided to adopt him!


Poor Marley was meant to arrive at Oakwood sooner then he did but unfortunately his wounds weren't healing and we couldn't risk bringing him over. Once he was finally able to travel we found him a lovely home where he can spend the rest of his days loved and cared for.

Dude (now Reggie)

Dude was a mystery dog, we didn't know what he was going to look like before he arrived at the centre. He quickly stole everyone's hearts with his goofy personality and was a fabulous confidence booster for some of the shy dogs that arrived at the same time. no wonder he was snapped up so quickly!


Little Jake was very shy at first and didn't want to interact with people. Luckily his new family came along and he has made incredible progress in his new home already, well done little man!


Teddy arrived at Oakwood in a right state, completely covered in mats and dirt and very thin. After a very needed bath and a groom he looked like a different dog! We're very happy to see him loved by his new owner.


In July we had a litter of 6 week old puppies handed in to us. They were all snapped up straight away and are now enjoying life in their forever homes!


Good luck!

Ebony (now Penny)

In July we had a litter of 6 week old puppies handed in to us. They were all snapped up straight away and are now enjoying life in their forever homes!

Good luck!

Rosie (now Waxy)

In July we had a litter of 6 week old puppies handed in to us. They were all snapped up straight away and are now enjoying life in their forever homes!


Good luck!

Daisy (now Roxie)

In July we had a litter of 6 week old puppies handed in to us. They were all snapped up straight away and are now enjoying life in their forever homes!


Good luck!

Stella (now Lola)

In July we had a litter of 6 week old puppies handed in to us. They were all snapped up straight away and are now enjoying life in their forever homes!


Good luck!


Sally landed on her paws with her new family, they love her very much and she's settling in well in her new home.


Sally was overlooked for a long time as she was an older and black dog, we often struggle to find homes for dogs like her so we're super happy someone finally decided to give her a chance!

Bessie (now Jessie)

Bessie's family also came to the centre with another dog in mind but when they met Bessie they decided she would fit in better with them!


Good luck in your new home Bessie!

Sparky (now Lupin)

What a bright little spark this boy was, he definitely lived up to his name!


Have fun in your new home happy boy!


Ruby's family came to the centre with another dog in mind but when they met Ruby they fell in love with her instantly!


Good luck in your new home Ruby!


Ray was such a character, he was very nervous but really wanted to interact with us, just didn't have the confidence to do so.


We hear he has come on leaps and bounds in his forever home and we couldn't be any happier for him!

Barley (now Nadi)

Barley arrived at the centre so shy it's just incredible to see her gain confidence and settle in her new home.


Well done Barely and the family!

Poppy (now Evie)

Poppy became a favourite with some staff the second she stepped off the transport, she was just such a sweetheart! 


You could say it was love at first sight when she met her new family and we're so happy they took this beautiful girl home!


Whiskey was such a fun little boy and we're super happy he's found his forever home too!


He's settling in well and even started playing with toys now, well done!

Misha (now Jinny)

Misha was snapped up in no time! We're not surprised her family fell in love with her as she was just the sweetest and funniest girl!


Have fun in your new home crazy girl!


After we were able to start finding homes for our dogs again everyone but sweet little Lilly has been adopted. She was the only dog at the centre but luckily her new family came along and saw through her shines, she blossomed in her forever home and we couldn't be any happier for her!

Jazz (now Aj)

Little Jazz has been adopted too!


We didn't have a picture of Jazz before he arrived so we didn't know what to expect, we got a cheeky little boy and his family fell in love with him straight away!


Good luck in your new home little man!

Betty (now Effy)

The gorgeous Betty has been adopted!


This girl arrived at the centre so scared she was shaking in fear, we're very happy to see her in her forever home and gaining confidence every day!


Have the best life beautiful girl!

Lola (now Daisy)

After being stuck in kennels for months while we were on lockdown and unable to adopt out any of the dogs, Lola has found her forever home too!


Good luck little girl!


The beautiful Skye has found her forever home!


She has shown us from day one what a sweet natured dog she was so no wonder she has been snapped up this fast!


Logan was one of our long stayrs so we couldn't be any happier for him!He has waited a long time but he's finally in his forever home with a lovely family that will give him all the love he wants!

Good luck Logan!


This sweet little boy was very scared at first and it took a lot of time and patience for the staff to gain his trust so it's just lovely to see him in his forever home!

We've heard he still loves his toys just as much as he used to at the centre.

Good luck Monty, we'll miss you!

Bot (now Buddy)

Our little Bot has been adopted too! Just look at him snuggled up on the sofa living his best life! He's now going to be called Buddy and His mum told us he's settling in well.

Well done little man, we couldn't be any happier for you!


Our bouncy boy has trotted off to his forever home and we've been told he's settling in nicely!

Be happy little man!

Kara (now Pippa)

Our sweet little Kara has found her forever home! She's now called Pippa and is living the best life with her doggy brother Benji and amazing new parents!

Good luck little girl, we're very happy for you!


Look who has found a forever home!

This beautiful, shy boy has been lucky enough to find his very own, loving and patient family! 

We wish Smokey all the happiness and love that he deserves!


We are happy to announce that after weeks of our dogs waiting patiently  for us to be allowed to get our adoptions back on track our beautiful Indy has found her forecer family!

Here she is all snuggly and making herself at home, be happy little lady!

Big Max

We want to share the love in lockdown! 

Remember Big Max? He has finally after all this time been adopted! This beautiful boy went into foster in January, when someone finally took a chance on him... 

His foster mum and doggo sister fell in in love with him and couldn’t bare to be without him! 

So during lockdown it was all arranged for him to become an official member of their family, even if it was hard to work to take a selfie together! 

We are so happy for this special little man and want to wish him all the luck in the world! Go live your best life Maxi! We all love you very much! 


We have some news to brighten up your day!

Just before the country went into lockdown, our handsome boy Ralphie managed to find his new home!

Lucky Ralphie found his family in the nick of time!

We have already had a quick update and he's being a very good boy, he has met their 4 cats, and has picked up toilet training very quickly.

We are so happy for Ralphie and wish him and his new parents the very best of luck!


Remember Eli? He's finally been adopted! His foster mummy just couldn't be without him! It was love at first sight!

This little mister has had his operation and has made a full recovery! Now he gets to have his happy ever after with his mummy who looked after him when he was poorly!

Thank you to everyone who helped this little man get to where he is today! Good luck in your happy home Eli! We couldn't be happier for you!


Our shy boy Snowy has been adopted! His wonderful mummy decided to look past his shyness and has given him the chance he's been waiting for! Snowy has been waiting for someone patient enough to give him time he needed to trust and it has finally found the perfect person for him!

Good luck in you new home Snowy!

Ellie (now Nellie)

Remember Ellie? This beautiful girls has been in foster for a while but now she has officially found her forever home! Her foster mummy absolutely fell in love with her and couldn't bare the thought of giving her up so has finally adopted her!

We couldn't be any happier for you Ellie! Have the best life!

Duke (now Chibs)

Here is a little bit of good news to brighten your day, the lovely DUke has now been adopted!

Duke, now Cibs, took to his new family instantly and they fell for his goofy personality the second he flipped upside down in the viewing and wiggled across the floor...

We wish you the very best of luck Chibs!

Minnie (now Millie)

Beautiful Minnie has found her forever home!

She wasn't here very long due to her loving nature - we wish all dogs were spotted as quickly as lucky Minnie!

We wish you all the best of luck with your new dad and brother!

Fat Max

Our beloved Fat Max has finally been adopted!

This boy is pretty much a star in Hull and everyone loves him! So he's had to retire out of the area to keep his fans at bay!

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Maxi at Oakwood and we all feel very lucky to have been part of your life! Good luck in your new home with your lovely mummy and daddy! Go live your best life!


Our little Betsy has left the building!

When we found this little sweetheart she was a shell of herself and now she's fit and healthy with a family to call her own!

Betsy waited patiently for such a long time and has finallygot the happy ever after she trulydeserves! Go live your best life beautiful!

Bertie (now Percy)

Our little pro zoomer Bertie has found his forever home!

He trotted off to go live a life of luxury with his new mummy and daddy. This lucky lad has got a beautiful doggo sister to play zoomies with too!

His mummy and daddy have given him a posh new name of Percy! We wish you all the luck in the world in your new home Percy!

Dougal (now Dougie)

This sweet boy has now found his forever home! Dougal arrived at Oakwood very scared and would just hide as far away from us as he possibly could. He started to come out of his shell but it was love at first sight when he met his new mum!

Good luck Dougal!


Our beautiful Thistle has been adopted! She has made herself right at home and loves having snuggles with her human sister!

We wish you the best of luck Thistle!

Sara (now Mable)

The sweet, yet nervous Sara found a very loving and patient family yesterday! They were very understanding of her difficult life and were happy to give her all the love, time and patience she needs to be able to progress in a loving home. Nervous dogs are usually difficult for us to rehome as they do not fit the mould - they need dedicated people to work with them and bring them out of themselves. Sara came from a private shelter and so had better care than most of our dogs, however she was still very shy with new people. Adoptions like these are always very special to us and pull on our heart strings. 

We wish them the very best of luck in their journey together!


Not a lot of you will have had the chance to meet our sweet boy Riley. When he first arrived with us at Oakwood he was so terrified of people due to how he had been treated in his past. We didn’t give up on him though and searched our hardest to find the perfect home for him! Now our beautiful nervous boy Riley has been adopted! His amazing new family came to build up the trust with him everyday leading up to his adoption, in order to form a bond, and build up his trust in them, just look at what they achieved! 

We are so so happy for you Riley! Words can not express it! Enjoy living your happy ever after! We love you!


Our little Frank trotted off with his new mummy this afternoon happy as can be! Getting a photo was the hard part... he just wanted belly rubs off mummy! 

We couldn’t think of a better birthday present for our darling boy! Good luck Frank we will miss your cheeky little chops!


That's right the lovable doofus, Rufus, has found his forever family! Rufus loves attention and luckily he has enough new siblings to be able to take it in turns to give him some love! We are gonna miss this clumsy, hilarious lump but we could not be happier to see him get the love and attention he deserves! 

Good Luck Rufus!


We are so pleased to announce that Bertha has finally been adopted! It wasn't possible to touch her when she first arrived with us and it was a long road to teach her that not all people are scary! We love this photo because you can see these two quickly developed a very special bond and they have trotted off together to enjoy the peaceful life this brave little girl deserves. She's taking to life in a home like a duck to water and has already discovered the joys of being a sofa dog! 

We live for these moments.... Seeing a dog walk away with their new best friend is the dream come true. Have a lovely life ladies!


The lovely Lexi has found her forever home! Lexi has been settling into the home well and has lots of love to give to her new parents and siblings! 

We wish Lexi all of the very best in her new venture, we know she will never be shy of a cuddle or two from her sister!

Sprout (now Penny)

Our beautiful girl Sprout has found her forever family! They have also given her a gorgeous new name! She will now be known as Penny!

We wish you all the love and luck in the world Penny! Go live your best life, you deserve it little one!


This little sweetie Holly has barely been with us for 2 weeks and has been snapped up already!

She was an absolute pleasure to have around and we couldn't be happier for her finding her forever home so soon!

Good luck in your new home with your doggo brother, mum and dad Holly! We love you!


We have some amazing news!

Someone has finally taken a chance on our little lady Poppy! This has been such a long time coming for our precious girl and we are absolutely over the moon for her!

She trotted off down south with her lovely new family to live a life of luxury in her very own home!

We will miss you so much Pops but w couldn't be happier for you! Go live the life you were meant to! Good luck baby girl!


Our beautiful girl Sydney has trotted off to her forever home with her new mummy!

Sydney we miss you already and wish you all the love and happiness in the world! Good luck beautiful girl!


We've had a right fun time with Sooty and his new family during his adoption appointment!

Everyone had ants in their pants and were itching get off and start their new lives together so we had to give "nice photos"a miss and instead share this awesome one of just how much fun they had. It's so lovely seeing the joy adoptions bring to the dogs and their families!

Have fun you lovely lot!


This cute little fella was so scared of people he needed a special family who could give him time and gain his trust. Luckily for him he found a lovely couple who have dedicated so much time and energy into him and they decided to adopt him. It's amazing what time and love can do for a dog who's had a hard life. We are so grateful to the families who adopt our extra special dogs and give them a chance!

He still gets super scared of people but he's now got a home for life and is enjoying trips to the beach and snuggles on the sofa. He's even made a doggy friend!

Good luck little guy!


Our boy Kenny has gone off to his forever home! His new family understand his needs and will give him all the time he needs to settle in. He even got a doggy sister to play with!

Good luck in your forever home Kenny!


Our sweet Yari has trotted off to his forever home! This lucky boy hasn't been with us long at all before he charmed his new parents into adopting him!

Good luck Yari! We will miss you!

Millie (now Elsie)

The beautiful and dainty Millie has trotted off to her forever home with her new mummy! Millie had had quite enough of poking and prodding, collar changing and chip scanningthat she just wanted to get home, she did not have time for photographs!

Millie arrived petrified, she hid in the back of her kennel, she ran away from you on the field and refused to walk on a lead. Over the weeks she slowly became more confident and really enjoyed having a play in the halls. Her mum understands that she still has a long way to go but she knew that Millie would never progress in kennels.


We've had our first adoption of 2020!

Isabella arrived in March 2019 and was a terrified but sweet little girl. She's been living with a lovely foster family and they've decided to adopt her so she now has a forever home all of her own!

She's grown in confidence so much and absolutely loves going to the beach with her new mum and dad, and her big brother Lewis. 

Have a lovely life Bella!


What a wonderful year 2019 has been for Oakwood Dog Rescue, we have managed to find forever homes for 87 dogs this year! We wish them all the best of luck with their new families and are hoping to help many more dogs in the upcoming year!


We've had our final adoption of 2019 and it's a very special one. Iris has been adopted by her foster family!

Iris wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who donated towards helping to cover her medical bills. Her vet did more x-rays and they've decided that operating on her leg will cause more problems for her than it will fix (Any remaining money donated will stay in our vets account to help out the next dog in need!) so she had the all clear to be adopted just before Christmas!

Here is Iris with her big brother Lewis. They're waiting patiently for Santa and the elves tell us they're going to get very spoilt this year. The best gift of all for Iris was her new Mum and Dad giving her a forever home!


Biscuit has also been adopted this weekend! He spent exactly 10 months at the rescue centre. His new family adopted another dog from us last year called Lucy (you may remember her as Peg) and Biscuit absolutely loves her.

We're so happy for them all, have a lovely life little fella!

Pudding (now Pudsey)

Pudding has had a very short stay at the centre and has been adopted just in time to be Christmas Pudding.

He's only little bit he certainly made a big impression on us, and his new family. We wish them all a lovely life together!


Yesterday we said goodbye to the beautiful Ivy, she has now gone to live with her new mum and dad further afield! 

Gorgeous Ivy had made quite an impression on the staff and volunteers, due to her massive personality and character. Her mum and dad fell in love with her upon first sight and couldn't wait to whisk her away to her forever home 

Wishing you 3 the very best Christmas and New year, and lots of luck in your forever home!

Charlie (now Archie)

A little more upbeat news for you all today, our rescue Charlie, now Archie, has been adopted! 

Charlie was in need of a foster placement due to a health issue when he met his forever family, they knew from the off that they wanted to adopt him and so he began a foster placement with a view to adoption. It wasn't an easy placement to say the least and they had their ups and downs but everyone worked very hard to help this adoption take place. Charlie's family have big hearts, they understood that taking on a Romanian rescue would be tough, and worked with the team to help Charlie begin to settle into home life. They are still working on him and are pushing forward as a team they also know that they have lifetime support from Oakwood and that we are there to provide any advice they need. 

Wishing you all the best of luck! Here's to Charlie's first Christmas in his loving home.


Pretty Rosie has packed her bags and left the centre! She has gone to live further afield with her new Mum and Dad! As soon as this trio met they were meant to be. Rosie instantly connected with her new parents and we were told today that mum had a little tear up when Rosie entered the room the first time. 

Rosie will now have a safe, warm and loving family home this Christmas. We wish them the very best of luck together!


Our gorgeous boy Frankie was so excited to be going home with his new mummy and daddy yesterday that he couldn't sit still! He loves his dad so much he couldn't hold back the kisses! We will miss this little ball of fun so much, it may have taken a little longer than expected, but Frankie has finally found his forever home!

Good luck Franks!


You won't have seen much of this special little guy as he's been living with some lovely foster carers instead of at the centre. Captain has some extra special needs because he was born with a birth defect so his legs haven't grown properly and would have probably died in Romania if he hadn't come to England. Lucky for Captain his new dad saw him and fell head over heels in love. He has now been adopted and they're looking forward to lots of sofa snuggles this winter! 

Wishing you lots of happiness boys, have fun together!


Our gorgeous Callie has been adopted this week!

We try to take nice photos at adoption but sometimes the bloopers are way more fun! That has always been the case with Callie so she's going out the way she came in, full of fun and taking life at her own pace! Her new doggy parents absolutely adore her as you can probably tell. 

We're so happy for them all! Have a wonderful life together!


Our lovely little Stanley has gone off to his forever home! This gorgeous boy really charmed his new family and they fell head over heels for him! Stanley will spend his first Christmas in the warmth and security of a loving home, rather than the cold, Arctic temperatures of the Romanian shelter.

We wish them the best of luck!


Our little Llama has a furever home!! He trotted off with his new mummy and daddy this morning for his happy ever after! 

We wish this cheeky chappie the very best of luck in his new home! We will miss you!

Ziggy (now Kurly)

Our little rocket Ziggy has been adopted! We couldn’t be happier for him and his new family! They have given him a new name too! He will now be called Kurly! Because of his curly tail 

We wish you all the luck in the world Kurly. Have the best life you little cutie!

Willow (now Teddy)

Lovely little Willow has trotted off to his forever home and had been given the cuddly new name of Teddy! Willow arrived matted and filthy, but this friendly little boy caught everyone's eye and was soon sought after. 

We wish you the very best of luck little man! We have a feeling you're going to be a very spoiled doggy!

Louis (now Kiba)

We knew this gorgeous lad wouldn't stay with us for long! Louis arrived terrified and shied away from human touch. Once he realised that we weren't going to hurt him he started to show his soft and loving side. Louis, now named Kiba, has found his forever home that will allow his confidence to grow. He was a little fed up by the end of his appointment and just wanted to get home!

We wish you the very best of luck in your new home!

Tricksie (now Lexi)

Our little Tricksie trotted off home with her new mummy and daddy! She is going to be one spoilt doggo! She also has a new posh name of Lexi! 

We wish you all the love and happiness in the world Lexi! You deserve it princess!


We knew this little guy wouldn't be with us for very long either!

Fudge has been adopted this week and has scampered off to his new home. Here he is snuggled up at home with his new big Sister and his Mummy! He's already getting brave and is going out on longer walks with them which he was too scared to do before!

Have a wonderful life with your new family Fudge!


The sweet, beautiful Pepper has been rehomed! 

This lovely boy wasn't with us very long due to his adoring nature! Good luck in your forever home Pepper, although your stay with us was brief we all fell deeply in love with you!

Winnie (now Millie)

Our lovely little Winnie - now known as Millie, has gone to her forever home!

Winnie arrived very malnourished and was incredibly skinny. Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to help her pack on some pounds before her viewing in which her new family fell head over heels in love with her!

Good luck to you all, we look forward to receiving as many pupdates as possible!

Chewie (now Charlie)

Chewie arrived at Oakwood very frightened. With lots of time and patience the staff and volunteers started to rebuild his trust in people but we only made slow progress. What he really needed was a special family who could see his potential and were willing to wait until he was ready to accept them.

We're pleased to say he's finally found them and they've adopted him!! Here he is taking a snooze in his comfy new bed. They know it will take him time to trust them and love them, but they're willing to wait until he's ready!

Good luck Chewie, we couldn't be any happier for you and your new parents! 

Angel (now Inger)

Angel quickly became one of the favourites here at Oakwood, her sweet nature won over the hearts of volunteers and dog walkers in no time so no wonder she's been snapped up by her new family!

Good luck Angel!


The adorable Alfie has also been adopted! This shy boy went into foster and after a little while his parents decided to adopt him! 

Good luck Alfie! 


After 13 viewings and months spent in rescue our sweet little lady Caden has finally been adopted. She waited a long time for that special someone to take her home and we couldn't be any happier for her. 

Good luck in your new home Caden! 


Our sweet Hugo has trotted of with a loving and patient family. He started of very shy and it's been amazing to watch his confidence grow. 

Good luck Hugo! We hope you get all the belly rubs you want!

Smokey (now Mable)

We have some wonderful news!

After 647 days in rescue, 3 surgeries, some wonderful vets, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and thousands of pounds donated by our absolutely amazing and generous supporters, a wonderful lady with a space in her heart & her home, and.....


This little lady has been an absolute labour of love. We've had so many ups and downs with this little poppet, it's been amazing to see the relationship develop between her and her new Mummy. It was love at first sniff! True to form, she refused to pose for photos and rolled over and demanded a belly rub. 

We wish you the best of luck in your forever home Smokey!


This beautiful, goofy, fluffball has also been adopted! We waved farewell to Cara who gave her new family the run around trying to get a nice family photo. 

We liked the bloopers the best! Have a lovely life pretty lady!   


This gorgeous boy literally bounced out of our centre with his new Mummy this weekend. We didn't have you very long Bez but you certainly made an impression. 

Good luck in your new home monster chops, we'll miss you!


All your sharing, likes and comments finally found Buddy his forever home! 

Buddy was one of our more nervous dogs and found the life in kennels difficult! He was being overlooked as he was so shy but look how relaxed he looks after only a few days!

After over 3 years in rescue he now has his own family! We wish you and your new family the best of luck!

Sasha (now Maisie)

We have some lovely news to brighten up a miserable rainy Sunday! Sasha has been adopted! She's going to be called Maisie now and we've just had a message to say she's curled up asleep on the backseat of the car on her way home to North Yorkshire! 

Have a lovely life together the 3 of you!


Little Ollie has skipped off to his new mum and dad! Ollie wasn't at the centre for long but his sweet nature definitely caught the hearts of staff and volunteers! 

We wish you all of the very best Ollie!


Our little duracell bunny, Cassie has found her forever, loving home! Cassie literally bounded into the viewing, and into their hearts. She has a new mummy and daddy who are in love with her and a new sister than cannot wait to start training with this brainy little lady! 

We wish them all of the best of luck!