Molly's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Size: Medium / Large
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... Molly! 

Molly's Story:

Molly was orignally saved from a kill shelter in Romania and placed into a safe space with her 3 siblings. Unfortunately, due to lack of kennel space, we had to leave the other pups behind and Molly was the lucky girl that got to leave Romania and travel to the safety of Oakwood Dog Rescue.

About Molly:

Molly is only 11 months old and has known nothing of life except being in a shelter, one of which she would've seen / experienced some horrors we could only imagine.

Upon arriving at Oakwood Dog Rescue, she was terrified. She was growling at us and wanted nothing more than for us to just disappear - she clearly expected that the worst was going to happen to her. We managed to get a slip lead on her and carry her off the van and safely into pme of our exercise areas. She was so scared, but not once did this girl show any agression and just told us several times that she was really scared. 

She quickly bonded with staff and she literally holds onto us whenever we are around. She is scared when volunteers are around and fear reactive in her kennel - we have already started working on this to try and make her feel safe and show her she no longer needs to fear humans. It's a slow process but she is starting to relax and is doing amazingly.

Molly is currently suffering with seperation anxiety and it is just heartbreaking to see / hear. It shows that she feels the safest when she is with people she knows and trusts but unfortunately, with so many other dogs to look after, we can't be with her for as much time as she is wanting. When she is alone she barks, cries, howls  and shows all the signs of being stressed - not being interested in food, panting, pacing etc 

This willl very likley be an issue in the home that will need to be worked on to show Molly that it is OK to be alone sometimes. For this reason, we will need a home for her where someone is around all day, someone that works from home would be perfect. She enjoys sitting with us when we are working our way through admin and she is fairly settled apart from cheking on us and coming over to give kisses every few minutes <3

With other dogs: 

When Molly arrived, she showed absolutely no intersest in the other dogs and she would just cling on to us and pretend like the dogs weren't even there. As the days have gone by, and she has started to feel more relaxed, we have done a few more dog mixes with her and she is doing so well with them, even to the point that it looks like she is starting to enjoy their company. This is huge for Molly and, based on the right match, we now believe that we can open up her rehoming criterea to being able to live alone or with a male dog of similar size.

With cats:

We have tested Molly at a member of staff's house with her very dog savvy cat. Molly was very good with him, gave him some sniffs but wasn't interacting too much. She was very wary of her surroundings but when the cat approached her she was nose to nose with him and her tail was wagging. She showed no sign that she wanted to harm the cat in any way and so after witnessing this, we would be happy to place her in a home with dog savvy cats. If the cat is skitty and likely to run away, Molly would very likely chase them which would turn into a game and scare the cats so she wouldn't be suitable for a home with cats that are wary of dogs / skittish as we wouldn't want the game of chase to escalate.

Energy level

Molly is far too stressed for us to assess her true energy levels at this time, however we would guess that when she is fully settled in a home that she could be of a high energy level

0 hrs

For the time being Molly will need someone with her at all times. Once she feels settled, then training must begin very slowly to teach her to be alone for short periods at a time.

Lead trained

Molly has never been taught how to walk on a collar and lead. She may need to start harness training due to possible trauma of pressure on her neck after a catch pole being used on her.

Training reminders

Molly has no form of basic training. Her confidence levels will need to be slowly built up before training can begin.

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