Information on Kiki

1 year, Female, Medium Mixed Breed (Springer Spaniel size)

Kiki was very shy coming off the transport van and it took her a few days to start to come out of herself.

She is a shy but sweet girl that is partial to a tickle and will jump up to say hello.

Kiki has shown us that she does like to kennel share with other dogs and can become very worried when she is split off from them. Kiki will benefit from living with another dog to give her confidence in the home.

She has lots of potential and warms up to you once she has gotten to know you, she is not confident with lots of handling and will do well in a quieter home, a busy home could very easily overwhelm her.

As she is still shy Kiki could live in a home with sensible kids over the age of 14 that can understand when she needs space and listen to her body language.

Kiki needs to live with a medium-large male dog to give her confidence. She does enjoy playing with another dog when she gets used to them.

She is not currently walking on a lead and needs more time to come out of her shell before this is attempted.

She has not been tested with cats; therefore, she needs to live in a cat-free home.

Home needed:


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