Kiki's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: Small / Medium
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... Kiki!

About Kiki:

Kiki has clearly encountered lots of mistreatment at the hands of humans. Coming off the transport van she was absolutley terrified and fighting for her life. 

She spent the first few days too terrified to leave the safety of her kennel but over time she has begun to realise that we are treating her with kindness and lots of patience. This has made the absolute world of difference to Kiki and she has started to show us a very silly, giddy side of her. 

Kiki is not able to be touched just yet but she does dance around when we do silly talk to her and has now brave enough to come forward and take treats from us. 

This girl has lots of potential and all she needs is love, patience and someone to give her the loving home that she has never had and so desperately deserves.

With dogs:

Kiki has been mixed with lots of dogs at the rescue but she either avoids them at all costs or if she does take a liking to them, she looks over at them a lot really wanting to go over and say hello but is just far too worried of how they might react to her. This may be down to fear as she is so much smaller then all the others and it's likley she would've been picked on in the kill shelter. She has lots of trust issues with other dogs so for this reason she must be adopted as an only dog

Low / Moderate energy

Kiki is too timid to show us her true energy levels. Once she's built up her confidence we predict she may be of  low to moderate energy however we can not know this for sure

4-5 hrs

Kiki has never lived in a home before. We think she would be fine being left alone for 4-5 hours however it would be best for this to be built up so she's not too worried in her new surroundings

Requires lead training

Kiki is unable to walk on a collar and lead. She's only every experienced a grasper pole around her neck which would've been rough and caused her a lot of fear. Lead walking will come in time. Trust with the adopters will need to be built first and then when the time is right, lots of patience and postitive reinforcement will be required to help with any lead training

Training required

Kiki has no form of training. First and foremost she needs to build trust with her family and then the training will come afterwards

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