Marco's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Marco!

About Marco:

Marco was a terrified dog due to be euthanised in the Romanian public shelter in June 2021, but, thanks to International Dog Rescue, Marco's life was saved. In the shelter he was untouchable, fled at the sight of a human and just wanted to disappear.

He arrived with us a few weeks ago and was very shy coming off of transport, he was placed onto the field with our other transport dogs and was not coping well with lots of dogs jumping at him trying to say hello.

He is still a very shy boy but will come on in the home. We can touch Marco in his kennel - at first he would jump in fear but now he is beginning to get used to touch, and will take treats whilst we are working with him. Marco is very food oriented which will help with the bonding process.

He is a nervous but sweet boy that we hope won't be over looked - many 'street dog' looking dogs, and brindle dogs are not as desireable as the 'prettier' dogs and so usually don't have interest for a long time...Marco is a project dog but considering he spent at least 2 years in awful conditions he is progressing well and we are happy with Marco's progress thus far.

The hole in Marco's ear is from a tag he was made to wear in the Romanian shelter

With other dogs: 

Marco is dog selective, he currently has one friend in the rescue (Myla), and we are looking to test him with other calm dogs in our care. Marco is not keen on puppies or bouncy dogs and prefers his own company. We shall continue to assess him with dogs but for now we are looking for a dog-free home for him.

Marco is lead-training but is understandibly very frightened about the outside world. His first 'walk' consisted of sitting a few paces away from the rescue with a volunteer having tickles and treats. He will need time in the home to become more confident before lead training is attempted with him.

Moderate energy

So far Marco has shown a moderate level of activity, however this has potential to increase once settled in a home


Marco could be trained to be left 4-5hrs in the future, to begin with he will need to be left as little as possible

Requires lead training

Marco is not ready to walk just yet, he is undergoing lead training but will need lots of time to build up his confidence

Training required

Marco will require at minimum, a basic level of training when settled into the home

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